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KSC Crystals Blog

Peanut Wood Meditation
Peanut Wood Meditation: Connecting with Ancient Wisdom and Past Lives As you hold the peanut wood, imagine yourself journeying back in time to the ancient seas and coastal environments
Ancestralite a stone for the healing survivor
Ancestralite a stone for the healing survivorI was introduced to crystals by my on-and-off again mother many years ago, in my early twenties, and have always felt very drawn to them, but never really began to work with them until almost ten years ago. Admittedly,...
Kindred Spirts and Quartz Crystals
Encountering Kindred Spirits on a spiritual level, whether they are Stone Beings, Human Beings, or Otherworldly Beings, can be a wonderful experience
  "Transforming  your actions for optimal results with crystals"
If you don't like the results you're getting then change what you are doing.