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What my mentor(s) taught me by Judy Hall
What my mentor(s) taught me
Tribute to Judy Hall
She was a teacher, a guide, someone to share laughs with, someone who could be blatantly honest (which I like in a friend), someone I truly respected and one I deeply cherished. It’s hard to write in the past tense, “was”, because she still feels much...
Judy Hall ( A masterclass in using crystals to protect yourself from Electromagnetic Fields.
In this Video Judy Hall delivers a masterclass in using crystals to protect yourself from from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). 
 How to create crystal grids | Judy Hall
This fully illustrated guide shows novices and seasoned crystal healers alike how to create crystal grids for healing and manifestation in every area of their life.
Judy Hall a prominent author, crystal expert & astrologer.
Judy Hall (born in 1943) was formerly a prominent author, crystal expert, astrologer, and healer based in the United Kingdom. Judy was widely recognised for her expertise in the field of crystals and their metaphysical properties. She made significant...