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Blue Aragonite

Weighs 15.5  grams

Measures 35mm 

Blue Aragonite
The ‘Stone of Solitude’, holding a deep rooted peaceful and spiritual energy, Blue Aragonite encourages the time when one must step away from the crowd and take Solitude.
This stone takes the mind, body and soul on a journey full of spiritual insight, wisdom and of truth.
Blue Aragonite also encourages one to speak true words, speak with peace and with harmony. To treat all fellow neighbours’ how one wishes to be treated oneself - that being with respect and with dignity.
A stone to help one know when enough has been said, when enough has been done, when the time has come to retreat into a place of Solitude, whether in mind, body or spirit.
Blue Aragonite is a peace keeper, give as a gift or token of love and appreciation between fellow neighbour’s, between relations.
“The bond shall not be broken once infused with such an energy”
Blue Aragonite can help one express oneself in voice, with accuracy and with clarity.
The Throat Energy Centre will greatly benefit from Blue Aragonite’s gentle communication offerings.
Blue Aragonite will help one see there is much more to life than brick and mortar, than paper and metal, than materialistic living itself.
“To take all that away, one shall then find a true meaning to Life”



Product Code
Pendulum 171

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Product Code Pendulum 171