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Blue Chalcedony Bead Bracelet

This bracelet is elasticated, 8mm beads.

Blue Chalcedony the ‘Stone of Perseverance’, supports one in reaching positive goals and making positive achievement, as well as helping to bring strength and encouragement for perseverance at times when it is most needed.
Blue Chalcedony helps one in the gaining and keeping of a clear mind set, and can be called upon at times when this has to achieve at the best of one’s ability.
Blue Chalcedony is a stone that clarifies the minds intake of information, as well as helping one to communicate this and more out to worldly life with ease. This can be a beneficial help to those who may have struggles in taking in information and communicating, either because of an actual “disability”, or simply because of shyness and alike.
Blue Chalcedony resonates well within both the Throat energy centre and the Root energy centre. This gives benefit to oneself especially, to be able to communicate one’s own mind while keeping grounded and with better certainty. In the doing so, this stone will encourage one to be of a positive nature as much as possible.
Blue Chalcedony is a stone that encourages and supports one to persevere at the right times. Blue Chalcedony works with one’s own intelligence, strength and courage to give such encouragement and support throughout the whole journey that it is needed. It does not matter how small or how big this journey is, Blue Chalcedony will give its help.
Blue Chalcedony is a stone that is beneficial in the easing and clearing of throat upsets, such as where there are coughs and soreness caused by inflammation, virus or bacteria. Alongside this, Blue Chalcedony can help to strengthen children’s immunity to the common coughs, colds, tummy upsets and more, that are often spread throughout playgroups, nursery’s and schools. Find a comfortable way to keep this stone near to the child as much as possible, but most importantly ensure it is completely safe.
Use Blue Chalcedony to ease away headaches, as well as in the easing of discomfort and inflammation caused by sinus upsets. Blue Chalcedony can also be of help to stop nose bleeds, by cooling off inflammation, easing pressure and healing the upset vascular area. For this place one at each side of the nose as quickly as possible if the nose is already bleeding, or as a regular daily help in treatment against occurring nose bleeds for the desired period of time.
Blue Chalcedony can also help stop and lesson bruising on cause, or just simply be used to ease bruising away after cause. It can also help clear the respiratory system of fluid and toxic build up either caused by illness, self infliction such as smoking, or from an atmospheric upset.
Blue Chalcedony encourages a positive and lighter daily attitude to life, as well as encouraging one to keep on journeying through life despite the hurdles and bridges to cross. This offering makes it a good stone to keep close by where there may be negative emotion and thought, as well as where there is low mood or even depression, helping to ease such situations away gently while giving continuing support and a sense of self security.
Blue Chalcedony works well with animal carers by joining its energy with the carer enough to be felt by animals that may be nervous, or are just unsure, for this it will be best to wear Blue Chalcedony as an item of jewellery, most beneficially in bracelet form. Animals may show their attraction and comfort to this stone alone by themselves once they sense or already know that they are in a safe setting or in safe hands.
Blue Chalcedony can be said as having spiritual being inhabitants. This is always that of light, and is often higher realm beings, such as those with an Angelic or Cherub nature. This stone can also attract and inhabit many nature spirits, such as the commonly known Faery kind, once again always that of light. It can even help oneself to become more spiritually aware, as well as becoming more in tune of the spirit world and how these connections can help improve one’s own Earthly life.
“Such awareness may start with oneself leading onto life improvement, yet given time this awareness and improvement can be felt and seen by many, which many can grow just like sown seeds, it is then a whole flower of new life is grown carrying the gift of more seeds yet to be sown”


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