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Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

Weighs 1.9 grams

The 'Stone of Certainty', brings forth settlement, soothing and removes doubt when and where it is needed.
Topaz is a beautiful stone, it is soothing, healing and lifting in its offerings. It is a stone that feels its keeper and works where it is needed most, at its best. Topaz strives to help its keeper in a many ways as possible; emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. This stone sends out a clear message that it is here to love, to help and to heal. In its different forms it does have differing offerings, yet with the same undertones.
Blue Topaz helps to calm anxiety, sooth nerves and settle high or frayed emotions. This stone can help the being to make themselves clear to others without the need for distress, anger or forcefulness.
A stone that is beneficial in calming and neutralizing anger, improving patience and giving an ease of flow in communications between the self and others.
Blue Topaz encourages a calmer and laid back attitude, enough to stop negativity and fluster for the self and towards those surrounding.
This is a stone that allows the empathic self through, but can help keep this self from being drained, by heightening and lowering its energy as needed.
Blue Topaz nurtures, helps and heals directly where it is needed and how it is needed. It is a stone that encourages the being to be truthful and honest, but to do this with sincerity and with love.
This stone can help the being to find the light within and all around. Blue Topaz gives way and direction on all spiritual paths, if not just giving touches of light to daily life.
Blue Topaz helps the being to be certain of the self, of others and of life itself. It is a stone that gives support and encouragement when certainty is needed, as well as helping to remove doubt when it is not needed.
This is a stone that helps the being to be comfortable with who they are, where they are and why they are. Blue Topaz helps this comfortable feel to shine through, but gives space for learning and improvements to be made if and when they are needed.
“Battling within oneself creates battles all around oneself. Allowing oneself some peace gives space for learning and space for improving. This learning and improving is all part of living, and letting yourself live is being a part of life, not just a life”
Blue Topaz can help to cast away dark shadow and replace it with positivism and light. This stone can help the being to reach targets and achieve goals by its attraction of positivism and light filled energies, as well as its help in removing negativity, anxiety, nerves and fluster.
Blue Topaz lifts the spirits of all, can instil feelings of joy and happiness and even lead the being towards finding and experiencing natural spiritual euphoria. This is also a beneficial stone to use towards not only positive spiritual manifestation, but also simple positive manifestation in other areas of life.
Where their are practices of affirmation meditations, or just affirmations alone, Blue Topaz is a beneficial stone to work these through and bring them to light. Also this stone enhances visualisation and spiritual visions, it then helps the being to be certain the visions are more than the imagination by using feeling and sense of knowing through the beings self.
Blue Topaz helps the being to become a lighter and more refreshing self towards others. This stone brings such a sense of positivism and light, that the being may feel encouraged to let this flow out to surrounding life and to other beings in different ways.
A stone that opens the being up to the beauty and richness of life as well as helping the being to find this within. Blue Topaz raises self-belief, self-esteem and self-confidence.
A stone that improves mental clarity, improves focus and precision, as well as helping the being to find and know the smallest of things, to the biggest of things.
Blue Topaz eases headaches, tension, eye strain and eye irritation. It helps alleviate pain and discomfort, clams menstrual tension and sooths inflammation of the body inner and outer, especially good to ease skin inflammation. This stone can also be helpful in soothing burn injuries, including sunburn.
Blue Topaz may be called upon as a miracle stone, especially as it carries an open channel to the Angelic realms. It can be a support and healer when all seems all else has failed. Still it needs to be known that as with many other miracle helpers, it can never be a promise that what is wanted is going to come forth. However, the being can feel certain that Blue Topaz shall help in any other way that it can, as much as it can.
“It is of certainty that I shall bring that of love, of light and of divinity in the smallest of ways to the largest of ways. I am here to love, to help and to heal”


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