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Weighs 1 gram

Measures 20mm x 15mm x 1mm Approximately


The ‘Stone of the Ancient Planets’, a very in-depth and intriguing energy that brings the being closer to the knowledge and wisdom that is contained within many planets, as well as the knowledge and wisdom that has been created by lost, forgotten and ancient civilisations.

Brookite sets off a channel of thought and energy that is direct to such planets and civilisations. It awakens a part of the being that heads towards finding such knowledge, heads towards the creation of communications in order to turn found knowledge into wisdom.

This stone opens up direct doorways to the whole energy force found within and around all such planets and civilisations. The doorways lead to library’s that are layer upon layer of teachings, beliefs, ways and means of life.  

Brookite puts the being in touch with such energies to help in the creation of the new life ahead. It is a stone that can only bring forth positive blessings in all of its offerings.

 “My offerings may be a giving to only one being, but what this one being gains can be a giving to a whole planet” 

On a healing level, Brookite’s wisdom can be called upon in the regeneration and strengthening of all major organs within the body. Especially the liver, kidneys and heart. Also Brookite is beneficial in the strengthening of weakened and brittle bones, including the teeth.  

Also, keeping Brookite near after invasive surgery or deep injury has taken place, can ensure a strong recovery and thorough healing process.

 “I can seen as be a piece of a puzzle, I can seen as a key to the impossible. Or Simply, I can be seen as a part of life, Seen as a part of all. I am a part of you, as you are a part of I”


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Product Code: RHV 66


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