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Product Description

Dr Liesgang

Weighs 7.9 grams
Measures 20mm x 20mm 

Also know as Wonder Stone and Bruneau Jasper,  as in Crystal Bible 3 by Judy Hall.

The ‘Time Stone’, opens the mind, body and spirit to recognition of the knowledge and wisdom gained from time and its teachings.

Dr Liesgang helps one to recognise and understand why there are happenings in life that are sometimes easy or sometimes hard to pace through, with clear thought and clear seeing.

 This is a stone that brings new hope and promise of a better, self customised future from having such recognition and peace of mind.

 Also, Dr Liesgang helps one to recognise where there has been higher peaks of learning whether from conditioning or from one’s self experiences in life’s time lines, so that this can be brought into future awareness, not just for oneself, but for other beings too.

 “A single thought from one being can turn into a life changing experience for another” 

Dr Liesgang is a beneficial stone where there is struggle to see sense in life. Where there is struggle to see that one has indeed been learning and growing daily from small extent to large extent, this is the stone to help one to pinpoint and recognise the peaks and points.

A stone that brings shift within the Root and Sacral Energy centres. Bringing removal of any negative energy build up in this area, or simply giving the energy a nudge so that one can gain a better grounding and positive changes in all that is associated with these Energy centres.

 Dr Liesgang is a stone that can help one to be accepting of oneself to start new journeys ahead. To allow one to understand “Yes, I can grow my positive self, but I can start with accepting where I am and why I am”. 



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TS 253

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Product Code TS 253