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Bryozoan Coral (From Morocco in Africa)

Weighs 65.9 grams

Measures 45mm x 30mm

Bryozoan Coral is a rare fossilised coral with an unusual pattern, it is black, grey and white with distinctive spots across the stone. The spotted pattern looks like snake skin.

Bryzoans or “Moss Animal” are tiny colonial animals that generally build stony skeletons of calcium carbonate superficially similar to coral.

Fossil Bryozoans are found in rocks beginning in the early Ordovician period about 500 million years ago.

Bryozoans are found in marine, freshwater, and brackish environments. They generally prefer warm, tropical waters but are known to occur worldwide. There are about 5,000 living species, with several times that number of fossil forms known.

Bryozoan Coral is a useful grounding stone, it offers support and stability through the root chakra, showing us the purpose of life on Earth, and the role we each play here in the physical realm.

It also a good stone to use in meditation and can aid in assisting with past life recall.


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Product Code MIS 603