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Buddha Statues
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Amethyst  Buddha's
Amethyst Buddha Statues
Blue Goldstone Buddha's
Blue Goldstone Goldstone is a man-made stone, it is  a type of glass with glittery metallic material in it.
Green Aventurine Buddha's
Green Aventurine dispels pain and fear, gives love, prosperity and heals the emotions
Kiwi Jasper Buddha's
Kiwi Jasper is a nurturing stone, it sustains and supports us during times of stress, bringing a feeling of calmness and tranquility.

Llanite (Que Sera) Buddha's
Que Sera creates an awesome power source for higher creativity and spiritual evolution.
Opalite Buddha's
Opalite  The ‘Stone of Eternity’ helps the being to learn and understand the true inner self.
Rose Quartz Buddha's
Rose quartz is the stone of universal love and is known as the love stone.
Sodalite Buddha's
Sodalite dispells mind chatter during meditation, and helps you speak the truth in any situation. It gives support and helps you stand up for oneself. Good for protection from electromagnetic pollution.
Tiger Eye Buddha's
Tiger Eye brings together the energies of the Sun and the Earth. It encourages stability and beauty.
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ABOUT Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues

When your Buddha arrives to you, remember, you must be respectful to him and he shall in turn respect you.