Bustamite 2

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Weighs 17.7 grams

Measures 30mm x 20mm


The ‘Earth’s Healer’, this is a very intriguing stone, that holds a deep connection from within the core of Mother Earth. Bustamite uses this connection to heal the being in many ways, both inner and outer. 

This stone is especially tuned to Mother Earth, forever gaining wisdom and changes within its energy. Bustamite can adjust its energy to suit its keeper, but to still work where and how it is needed.  Bustamite can bring one to a state of connectedness with Mother Earth, where it has become that one may feel distanced from life or not feel as though one has a place within life. 

This stone can be used with restoring the heart energy centre back to a healthy and stable state. This is a stone to also encourage vitality. Many can gain a “hardened heart” from different life happenings, noticeably this is not a very good thing for any being, and Bustamite can help by softening this formed barrier while encouraging the self to have a more pleasant attitude and outlook.

 A stone that has a mothering nature, this is the connection with Mother Earth. This a stone to sooth and bring comfort at times of uncertainty. 

Bustamite helps the being to give love as well as allowing love, to find contentment within and to find contentment all around. 

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