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Canadian Jade 16

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Canadian Jade

Weighs 21.1 grams
Measures 25mm x 20mm

The deep,rich,colouring of the Canadian Jade, has a very gentle, calming energy, a crystal that encourages contentment, satisfaction and simplicity, yet promotes detachment from the 3D world of materialism in which many of us live.

The changing energy over the years, requires us to work within ourselves, to change our perspectives and understandings, to move out of our 3D existence and view situations from a different level of understanding. We need to change along with the energies if we do not want to be left behind. This does not need to be difficult or complicated in fact, just the opposite – it’s simple.  How many of us are dissatisfied with what we have, or need the latest gadgets that monitor all that we do in order to keep up with the latest technology, how many of us feel the need to “keep up with the Joneses"perhaps leaving ourselves financially stretched? 
All of these things complicate our lives and leave us discontented, stressed, attached to these gadgets that we feel we cannot live without.

Working with Canadian Jade assists in being able to look at our lives in a more simple, gentle manner, making apparent to us where we can perhaps simplify our life or surroundings, helping us to detach from the materialistic, leaving us more content and perhaps even less stressed. 

Canadian Jade aids us in a much more compassionate way than the Puff Adder Jasper that can be worked with in a similar way but is more severe in its approach. If you like, it could be said that Canadian Jade helps us to return to a more natural way of life, far less complicated than we choose to make it, releasing us from the pressure we put ourselves under to “have to have”, making us stop and question “do I really need this or could I do without it?” detaching us from materialism.

It is not difficult when looking at the colouring of the Canadian Jade, to imagine the natural world from which it comes. The towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the sparkling crystal mountain streams, the bright colours of the alpine flowers, the smell of the towering pines, the crisp fresh air and the azure blue skies. All these gifts mother nature freely shares with us, who can ever dispute the fact that “the best things in life are free” pure and simple.

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