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Celestite (set of seven for a Ether Net)

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Celestite (set of seven for a Ether Net)

Ether net
This kit contains seven small pieces of Celestite.

Total weight approximately 45 grams

Please note that the crystals shown in the picture are not the exact crystals that will be send to you.

The average size will be 15mm x 15mm each and they will weigh approximately 3 grams each.
Attuning to Celestial influences spiritual upliftment and cleansing. Many people who just pick up a piece for the first time are aware of an increase in joyfulness and bliss, a sudden lifting of mood and clarity of perceptions. The delicate colour and the clear blue crystals often look as they are at the boundary of this world and some other more angelic realm. In fact, Celestite helps one to attune to more spiritual states and to usefully communicate and integrate information thus gained. Its blue colour naturally aligns it to the throat chakra, so Celestite is beneficial in all
creative and artistic endeavours, and brings a sense of calm and clarity to all matters.
The seven pieces of Celestite are placed above the head; upper arm level on both sides; to the outside of each hand; to the outside and level with each foot. (ie. evenly spaced around the body).
The original text is from Sue & Simon Lilly’s book, Crystal Doorways
Simon and Sue suggest that you laying on a white cloth when you are using this net is beneficial.

The ‘Stone of Revival’, brings back inner light while awakening and reviving the spirit of all.
Celestite can be used as a pick up stone. It helps to revive a tired and wary soul and encourages positive thought. As well as this, Celestite can most definitely be a strong support to bring back the spark for life to the being who seemingly has given up on trying to live and move forward, where there is emotional, physical or mental exhaustion, even in times of system shock.
A stone to help in the removal of stagnant energies, negative energy build up, resentful thought and feeling, as well as in the removal and neutralising of destructive anger. Alongside this, Celestite is helpful to ease away headaches and lower self stress levels. Also being beneficial to revive tired and strained eyes.
Celestite can be used with all ages and backgrounds to help in the awakening and revival of the spirit, no matter of the cause. It makes a gentle supporter for children or adults who have struggles with communication, and can be helpful in soothing of the Throat energy centre, weather the upset in this area is physical or not.
This is a stone that reminds the inner self of universal connection. It reminds of the connection to the All, to life’s journey of creation.
“You are a part of the skies, the stars and moons. You are a part of the lands, the air and waters. You are a part of I as I am of you, we are a part of the All”
Celestite helps to open doorways further to the Angelic realm in order for communication. It reminds of Angelic support that is always available to all, while allowing channels to be safely formed to the this realm. Not only this, Celestite helps one to find the Angel within, and all around the physical realm itself.
This is a stone to take away feelings of emptiness, feelings of being lost, of being faraway from home, as well as feelings of not being a part of this Earth and the human race itself. Celestite replaces them with feelings of hope and connection, even if this connection to life is different as at seems. This is noticeable with the Indigo being, the star child and light workers who hold an immense amount of light energies within them. These such light workers can be known as “walk ins”, which in easier understanding is a being of great light and wisdom has purposely been born into the human race for positive reason, what ever that reason maybe.
Celestite can be used not only for oneself in order to awaken and revive the light within. It can also be used in an area, such as the home or workplace to attract light energies and positively charge the atmosphere.
“If I help to revive light within, I also help to revive light in thought, feeling and action. This light shall then travel outward, upward and all around, thus helping to better oneself and All. Yet One need remember, If it is that I have helped this light find its way, it is oneself who gave it that special chance to do so”
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Alyson Holmes - Newcastle upon Tyne

Everything I have bought from this site has been truly gorgeous. I find a very deep sense of peace and clarity with these particular stones,I'd recommend this set to anyone requiring mental clarity and peace of mind.