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Chrome Diopside

Weighs 15 grams

Measures 30mm x 20mm x 15mm

This example is from Arusha, Tanzania.

Diopside is an empowering stone that helps to stimulate learning and understanding, to help one become better connected to the earth, and to bring love to oneself as well as other. Said to hold all the mysteries of the Universe many find that the green Chrome Diopside as a direct connection with Gia or Mother Earth as well as encouraging learning on many levels, specifically when entering educational situations, making a career change that requires learning new skills or in learning a new language; as it is said to assist in assimilating and retaining new information.

Diopside helps you with stress relief and assists you in relaxation. This crystal is a great support at times when you need to find your emotional center. In addition it is very comforting to the emotional body at times of distress or the loss of a loved one.  
Diopside offers an empowering energy that is excellent in supporting emotional wellbeing and enriches your ability to accept the power of friendship.
It is suggested that Green Diopside will charge and activate the third eye and heart chakras while bringing all the other chakras into alignment by sending the green ray of healing throughout the whole body and auric field.
Green Diopside is particularly useful in balancing of the female reproductive organs.


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Product Code HT 9