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Chrysotile in Serpentine 

Weighs 12.9 grams
Measures 25mm x 15mm

The 'Stone of Life', holds energies to help the being to connect with past lives if any, and also life’s past happenings in itself. As well as being very good to stimulate the inner senses, and in helping the being to open up to the soul self.  
This stone stores life’s happenings very well, this gives the meaningful opportunity for this stone to be used in meditational practice to gain knowledge into all that is past, giving opportunity for this to be converted into wisdom.  
Chrysotile in Serpentine can also be used to open up and improve the psychometric sense. This can be worked with by the being keeping hold of the stone in one hand, whilst placing the other hand on the chosen object of interest.  
A stone that can enable the being to look into a past life or past lives if any, in order to work through, and let go of any karmic and emotional attachments that are not needed in the here and now.  
Also, this is a stone that brings forth reminder and recognition that the being has been created with more than just a physical self, and that this other self also has meaning.  
“Life holds great meaning past what the eye can see, past what the mind often becomes conditioned to be”  
This stone can also help broaden the mind and be of help to strengthen the memory capacity. It is especially good in helping the brains neurons to regain, and keep a healthy function. Chrysotile in Serpentine improves mind focus and brings a higher attention to detail mind state as needed.  
A stone that helps to strengthen and better the bodies vascular system, as well as helping to improve eyesight, especially with the eye focus.  
Chrysotile in Serpentine is a very wise stone with many stories to tell and many stories yet to learn. It can be seen as a special gift for many generations.  
Here is a mixture of two highly intuitive and spiritually natured stones. Some may find the energy a bit over stimulating and may wish to only use it in small doses rather than all the time. It is not wise for this stone to be used with the being who is easily anxious, paranoid or have mental health conditions such as schizophrenia.



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Product Code TS 154