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Citrine Bracelet | Crystal Healing | KSC Crystals
Citrine Bracelet | Crystal Healing | KSC Crystals

Citrine Chip Bracelet 2

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Citrine Chip Bracelet

The ‘Stone of Synchronicity’, offers a very grounded yet intuitive energy, that helps the being to synchronise the two together, to bring balance, stability and focus in life. 
Citrine brings one to a state of stillness as it is needed, in order to open the mind to intuition and helping one to focus on the present and the future using this sense as well as being grounded at the same time.  
This stone is very good for those who lead a hectic life, yet don’t seem to now exactly where it is coming from, or where it is all leading to. Citrine brings stillness and helps the mind break down this hectic life into separate stages, so that one can focus on each to see clearly what is really necessary.  
Citrine brings warmth and comfort, and is a very good stone for the under confident or the un-sure. A stone that brings a sense of belonging and sense of peace.  
“To see that one is a part of all, a part of everything, is to gain a sense of peace”  
Citrine is beneficial to the Root and Sacral Energy centres. It helps to bring settlement and ease any physical upset that can arise when these Energy centres are not as they should be. Alongside this, Citrine is a stone to help with bladder, kidney and bowel function, as well as helping to ease any discomfort in these areas. 
This is a very good stone to help in the treatment of sleep disorders. The energy it contains is able to bring one to a deep, relaxed and soothed state. Keep close by at all times for this help, especially at the time of rest and sleeping. 
Citrine can be used to absorb toxin from the body, and also from the atmosphere, it also makes a good stone to be used in smudging ceremonies.  
For use with the toxin removal from the body, place Citrine on an exact known area of intoxication or keep Citrine close while focusing on the removal of the exact form of intoxication. For a deep healing practice, place a single stone on the following areas - The forehead, both left and right shoulders, both left and right hands (in manageable positions), the naval area, both left and right hip areas, just above both left and right knee caps, and finally, on both left and right feet (in manageable positions) for the suited period. 
With removal of toxin from an atmosphere, judge the amount of Citrine needed to the scale of the atmospheric upset. Such as, in a medium sized room of a home, placing two to three tumbled stones in four corners of the room will work very efficiently. The size of the stones should also be taken into consideration with this actual process to. The larger the stone, the less that is needed. 
It is to be kept in mind that due to Citrine’s absorbing properties, the stones shall need thorough cleansing and charging. 
Citrine is a very gentle and caring stone for all.
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Beautiful Stones

I got my order! Fast shipping, beautiful stones on the citrine bracelet. I also received a free gift of a pink agate stone which is what I needed for healing! Beautifully packaged in pretty wrapping. Thank you KSC Crystals! I will be shopping with you again and referring my daughters to you!

Keisha Woodfork | Chicago | March 2022

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