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Clear Quartz Crystal Wand

120mm in length.

Weighs 68.3 grams

Clear Quartz is one of the traditional healing stones believed to draw out pain and amplify healing energy. 

Wands are generators of energy and can be worked with in a variety of ways. They can be programmed through intent for specific needs; the programming is what makes the want what it is. A wand programmed for healing in the body makes it a healing wand the level of growth, the consciousness and intent of the programmer determines the effectiveness of the wand in its chosen purpose. The properties within the crystal wand can also be used as a conduit to access past, present or future information by accessing different levels of consciousness through meditative states. One can develop the psyche to attune to and understand this information through consistently working with these amazing tools of enlightenment.  If you have a connection to Atlantis, Lumeria, or any other Golden Age in your psyche you will be able to program the wand to connect to those times and the civilisations that existed in those times and through pure intent retrieve the required information.   

The concept of the wand was birthed from Lumerian consciousness and initially was ethereal like those beings, not physical. As they integrated more of the Earths elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) through their lightbodies they became more physical and used this wand technology to materialise their physical bodies. They had the ability to tune into the crystals and access the energy that was created through that process and then channel that energy through their psyche to create a wand in the etheric and then to manifest it into the physical (your thoughts create your reality).

The civilisation of Atlantis utilized this technology and began to work with these now crystallized wands that were from the Earth. They also began to create wands physically the way we do today through technology in laboratories. Cutting, shaping and polishing them to enhance their unique crystalline properties. The instruments they used to do this however were very different to the ones we use today. This is your opportunity to own your personal wand and begin some wonderful work, allow yourself to break free from the constraints and modern day controlled thinking.




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