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Clinohumite 14

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Weighs 0.4 grams
Measures 10mm x 5mm

Please note that this is a small crystal that has been photographed with a Macro Lens.

This is the perfect crystal to work with if you are feeling depressed or down, it will lift your spirit.

The vibrant energy of these yellow crystals is excellent to boost your Mojo.

When working with this crystal it fills you with happiness. Clinohumite resonate strongly at the solar plexus and sacral Chakras.

The legend of this rare gemstone says that the inhabitants of the Pamir Mountains were under the protection of the Sun. The sun helped them in their harsh life at the mountains, and illuminated them in the most difficult times. They were usually attacked by nomads, and thanks to their ally, the sun, they could hide in the mountains..

But one day, the nomads attacked the inhabitants of the mountain almost at night. As much as the sun tried to guide the way, the mountain prevented every ray of light. So that the sun had to fight with the mountains and move them, for his proteges could find shelter.

It was a merciless struggle between the mountains and the sun, and while the mountain inhabitants managed to take shelter, in the end the sun ended up losing the battle and cutting himself with the jagged mountain peaks.

From that day on, the inhabitants started to found beautiful Yellow gemstones, which are nothing more than pieces of the sun. The natives of Pamir Mountains called it the Fire Mountain

For centuries, the inhabitants of the Pamir Mountains have sought these beautiful yellow gems for protection or as amulets; these stones are considered great gifts at weddings, births, etc and are placed both cradles and tombs, seeking the protection of our loved ones and as a treasure, they are passed from generation to generation.

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