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Colombian Blue Mist Quartz

Weighs 97 grams

Measures 90mm x 30mm

This example is also a bridge quartz.

Colombian Blue Mist Quartz, much like its counterparts from various regions, boasts a mesmerising hazy appearance that gracefully transitions from a misty base and center to a clearer, more transparent point. These crystals often enchant onlookers with their innate beauty, which is heightened by the presence of internal fractures and captivating inclusions of other minerals, further enhancing their aesthetic charm.

Renowned for its self-healing properties, Blue Mist Quartz is a remarkable crystal with an alluring misty appearance, which is attributed to the internal fractures that have formed over countless millennia. This crystal is intricately linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra and is highly esteemed for its ability to harmonize and stabilize emotions. Its reputation is firmly established in the realms of spiritual, mental, and emotional healing, where it has proven to be a valuable aid in helping individuals surmount past challenges and unproductive habits.

Blue Mist Quartz is often celebrated for its remarkable capacity to cultivate mental clarity and sharpen focus, facilitating the discernment of what truly holds importance. It empowers individuals to transform their creative ideas into tangible realities. As a Quartz variety, it inherits the inherent ability to amplify energies and harmonize with other crystals, making it a valuable ally in various energy and healing practices.

The distinctive "hazy" appearance of Blue Mist Quartz, particularly prominent at its base and central regions, gradually transitions to a clearer, more transparent point, creating a captivating visual journey. Much like other Quartz varieties, Blue Mist Quartz may also harbor inclusions of diverse stones or minerals within its crystalline matrix. These internal fractures, rather than diminishing the crystal's beauty, serve to enhance its unique and enchanting allure, making it a cherished addition to any crystal collection.


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Product Code NU 532