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Product Description

Blade of Light Quartz Crystal

This example is Double Terminated

Weighs 39 grams
Measures 70mm x 20mm

Columbian Lemurian Quartz Laser Crystal

A very pure variety of quartz crystal, water clear, glassy crystal, with Lemurian barcode lines, and extreme lustre. 

Blades of Light  helps to strengthen your inner self, protects and keeps you well. It's a happy crystal making you feel happy, just holding it brings a smile to my face, and lifts your spirit.

Columbian Lemurian Quartz Laser Crystals are great for creativity, inspiration, decision making and meditation. Clears a foggy mind and helps you focus,.

Blades of Light  raise your consciousness, helping you to see clearly the signposts on your journey through life. 

These crystals help you to focus on and act from your heart.


Product Code
RHV 256

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Columbian, "Blade of Light" Quartz 5

Product Code: RHV 256


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