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Coober Pedy Opal Pendant

Coober Pedy Opal Pendant (white base)

The Opal has been faceted and shows flashes of blue and green .

Coober Pedy Opal

Weighs 2.2  Grams

Measures 25 mm including the bail

 Coober Pedy Opal
The 'Stone of Faith', reminds and inspires the being to have faith in the self and in the universe.
Opal is a mysterious stone with a particularly noticeable yet gently shimmering vibrational rate. Its energies are vibrant and passionate, yet gentle and caring. Opal is a stone that can be absorbent as much as it can be reflective, it can be a mirror to the whole self both inner and outer. This stone seemingly moulds itself to its keeper, becoming a part of the being rather resting as a part separate from the being. Opal feels joy with its keeper just as much as sadness; it follows every smile to every tear. Opal shimmers within each dream of its keeper to each waking moment of its keeper. Often dreamy just to gaze upon, Opal can be a dream to bond with. In its different forms Opal does have differing offerings, yet its undertones remain the same.
Coober Pedy Opal helps the being to restore faith that has been pushed aside or broken due to painful and testing times that arise throughout life such as the loss of a loved one, illness or a lot of hurdles.
A stone that reminds of the beauty within the universe, and the mystery that is yet to be solved and uncovered. Coober Pedy Opal guides the being towards enlightening treasures not only all around, but also within.
This is a stone that helps to reawaken the spiritual and enlightened self. Coober Pedy Opal infuses the aura and body with a rainbow of light rays, helping to lift the spirit, heal the soul and open the heart.
Also, Coober Pedy Opal attracts positivism near in all areas of life, and draws the being towards that which is filled with love, light and Divinity.
A stone that infuses the heart with love and peace, Coober Pedy Opal helps the being to become more fair, empathic and loving in nature.
Alongside this, Coober Pedy Opal supports paths of enlightenment and will help the being to not only discover themselves, but also to discover faith and that which is necessary.
Coober Pedy Opal helps the being to see the bigger picture and opens the eyes and mind to truth, honesty and wisdom.
This stone resonates with each Energy centre of the body, but is especially in attraction to the Root centre, Heart centre and the Crown centre. Coober Pedy Opal will help to bring that which is associated with these particular centres into harmony, and will also help the centres to connect with one another.
Coober Pedy Opal guides the being safely on spiritual journeys and during astral travel. It is a stone that will light the way ahead whilst surrounding the self with a cloak of shining protection.
A stone that can ease stress, anxiety, emotional pain and tension. 
A stone that can absorb emotional pain and attached memories, Coober Pedy Opal will need cleansing when it feels heavy in its energy. It is a stone that reflects away any outer negativity, sending it safely back to its source.
Coober Pedy Opal brings together soul mates. A stone that supports the belief of ‘like attracts like’ and so helps the being to become more positive both inside and out. Also a stone that can help to deepen and harmonise relationships.
This stone can help to create and restore faithfulness, sincerity and honesty. Coober Pedy Opal supports and follows a true and caring heart.
Coober Pedy is without a doubt one of the most unique outback destinations in Australia. Set in a stark arid landscape often compared to Mars, this outback mining town where many people live underground is the source of most of the world's precious opal production.
Coober Pedy is located about 850 kilometres north of Adelaide in remote outback Australia. The name Coober Pedy comes from a local indigenous language, Kupa meaning 'white man' and Piti meaning 'hole', and translates as 'white fellas hole in the ground', reflecting the fact that Coober Pedy is the Opal Capital of Australia and the world. It also reflects the fact many residents live in homes excavated underground due to the extreme climatic conditions of the area.


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