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Weighs 27.8 Grams
Measures 50mm x 25mm

This example is from Navidad Mine in Mexico.

Creedite is a high vibration crystal that brings through a dominant character that causes an development within your higher chakras, and lifts your overall vibration.
The energy from Creedite is prominent and can be felt in the higher chakras, and they have a strong significance within the throat chakra that aids communication and interaction with others.
Its energy brings a beautiful and heavenly feeling, and triggers pleasure and contentment to flow through you. You may experience feelings of deep internal concord, which may lighten depression and stress.
Creedite crystals have powerful metaphysical properties and a robust spiritual nature. They will help and assist with the development of your visionary talents, and they are beneficial to assist you if you are seeking to make contact with your spirit guides.
It is suggested that they help you comprehend the messages that you receive from your spirit guides.
If you are channeling, this may help you to correctly decode the messages that are being conversed to you.
When you are studying sacred or spiritual writings, their vibration may help you to gain an understanding of the fundamental meaning of what is being delivered by the author.



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RHV 207

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Product Code: RHV 207


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