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Crystal Carvings & Gifts
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Birth Sign or Zodiac Crystals
Crystals that relate to your Astrological Sign
Buddha Statues
When your Buddha arrives to you, remember, you must be respectful to him and he shall in turn respect you.
Cat and Dog Carvings
Cat and Dog Carvings
Copper Splash
Oxidised "Splash' Copper.
Crystal Angels
Angels,In which ever way Angels are known, there are ways in which you can communicate and work with them for yourselves and others around you.
Crystal Arrowheads
Selection crystal Arrowheads that have all been modern knapped.
Crystal Frogs
Selection of carved frogs.
Crystal Pyramids
Crystal Pyramids There has long been a fascination with pyramids. These powerful shapes make excellent meditation and healing tools.
Crystal Skulls
Crystal Skulls can be a nice addition to your home. However our Quartz skulls have more to them than meets the eye. The skull statues have a magical presents and some ancient legends even say that these skulls can talk or even sing.
Elephant carvings
Crystal Elephants
Fluorite Carvings
Fluorite Carvings.
Pig carvings
Pig carvings
Scarab Beetles
The scarab beetle was a manifestation of the creator and solar deity Khepri and it was considered to be a symbol of new life and resurrection.
Thai Buddha Heads
Thai Buddha Heads carvings. Available in :- Black Onyx, Opalite, Carnelian, Blue Goldstone, Fluorite, and Rhodonite.
ABOUT Crystal Carvings & Gifts

Crystal Carvings and Gifts