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Crystal Pyramids

The power of Pyramids is suggested to be supernatural or to have the paranormal properties of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and objects of comparable shape. It is said that this power has the ability to preserve foods, maintain the sharpness of razor blades and improve general health.
Pyramid power is one of many theories, referred to as pyramidology.

We have a wide range of crystal pyramids for you to enjoy, each pyramid has been individually photographed.

Pyramids are huge wonders of beauty and history. These structures were built for Kings and Queens as a place to rest after death. With a mountain like shape, (wide bottoms and narrow tops), the stability of a pyramid can never be compromised. It is thought that this mountain like shape had a religious meaning; like the slanting rays of the sun.Others believed the sides were slanted to allow the Kings to climb up and join the Gods. Pyramids are made out of stone and are hollow inside. The Giza Pyramids are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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