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Crystals Beginning With: B
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Benitoite is a rare barium, titanium silicate mineral, from California, USA, often grey or grey/blue in colour, sometimes with a slight metallic luster.
Beryllonite will open the crown chakra intensifying your knowledge and understanding to the higher dimensions so that you are able to "see" the good in all things.
The 'Stone of Ideas', this interesting stone is strongly connected to the mind, how one creates and manifests ideas to have an impact on life in a positive way.
Bismuth holds a fascinating energy, an energy that can change the thought patterns intensely to help one to 'see' into dimensions of light that are held within.
Blue Barite
Blue Barite helps you remember your dreams more clearly.
Boli stones
Use Boli-Stones to help you change your consciousness; they assist, by getting you to clear your mind of current outdated “fixed ideas”.
Boracite forms in sedimentary deposits with halite, anhyrdite and gypsum.
The ‘Stone of Return’, holds rich and purified energies which help to return the bodies’ natural health and healing system back to its best possible state, bringing harmony and balance.
Brucite has been used to provide mental flexibility and to assist one in looking at all the options, supporting insight into solutions which will be both beneficial and uncomplicated. Brucite has further assisted in brining one to resolution via the recognition of advantageous alternatives when faced with decision making.
Bytownite opens the mind to the understanding and accepting of the past, present and future. It is a stone that brings forth recognition of happenings that have brought positive creation.
Green Beryl
The ‘Stone of the Hopeful Heart ’, this stone help’s one to look at emotional trouble’s within oneself in order to accept and let go, bringing a sense of peace and of hope, also a stone to attract true love.
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Natural Stones and crystals Beginning with: B

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All the crystals and stones in this section have with one thing in common:  They begin with the letter B.