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Crystals Beginning with: T
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Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline does not absorb negative energy. It repels it. It is suggested to carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity.
Champagne Topaz
Topaz ,the stone of "true love and success in all endeavors". It can be used to manifest health and correct disorders within the body.
Green Chatoyance Tourmaline
Chatoyance is an optical occurrence in which a band of reflected light, known as a "cat's-eye," moves just beneath the surface of the crystal.
Green Tourmaline
The ‘Stone of Natures Touch’, help’s to take the being into a relaxed and soothed state by connecting with the beauty of nature, and filling the mind, body and spirit with all of natures wonders.
Imperial Topaz
The 'Stone of Praise', helps the being to recognise achievements, ability and positive qualities, of not only the self, but of others too.
Indicolite / Blue Tourmaline
Indicolite / Blue Tourmaline Indicolite the stone of prophecy comes in a deep colour, on occasion is hard to tell apart from the black.
Pink Topaz
Pink Topaz From the Katlang Mine Pakistan
Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline The 'Stone of Contentment', holds a very peaceful, fresh and caring energy that can help the keeper feel contentment within themselves and within the surroundings.
Red Tourmaline or Rubellite
Red Tourmaline or Rubellite Red Tourmaline is an excellent heart healing stone and it goes deeper than other heart stones. It opens one to love at all levels.
Sherry Topaz
Strengthens faith and optimism.  It assists in recognising your own abilities, instills a drive toward recognition and attracts helpful people. 
  The ‘Stone of Foundation’, guides and supports the being at times of decision making and foundation setting for the future.
Tanzanite can help stimulate the throat, third eye and crown chakras, bringing together all the aspects of communication, both verbal and psychic abilities.
Titanite Sphene
Titanite Sphene resonates with the magical golden ray of Christ consciousness, and is helpful to use in contemplation and deliberation.
The ‘Stone of Hopes & Dreams’, allows one to express ones hopes with certainty and ones dreams with creativity.
Watermelon Tourmaline
The watermelon tourmaline is a rare variety of tourmaline that displays three different colours in the same crystal - green (the skin of the watermelon), pink (the sweet fruit) and white (the rind).The colours of the watermelon tourmaline occur 100% naturally. This is a rare occurrence in nature.
ABOUT Crystals Beginning with: T

Natural uncut stones for crystal healing 

Natural Stones and crystals Beginning with: T

Uncut stones and healing Crystals from all around the world, excellent for crystal healing and  crystal therapy.

All the crystals and tumbled stones in this section have with one thing in common:  They begin with the letter T.