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Crystals For Brighter Times

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Crystals For Brighter Times

I decided to put together a selection of crystals that I think you would find useful at this time.

This collection of seven crystals could be placed on a Tripod of Life image to make a crystal grid, download your copy here :- Tripod of Life Grid

(Please note I have made up several of these bags and the crystals are all of a similar size but are not the exact ones in the picture)

The selection includes :-

1 x Ametrine ​​​​​

3 x Golden Healer

3 x Hematoid Quartz

The crystals weigh approximately 3 to 4 grams each and measure approximately 10mm to 15mm. They all come in a grey hessian bag.


The 'Stone of Spiritual Wisdom', holding a beautiful, mesmerising and spiritual energy, Ametrine is a true and enlightened gift to all. 

This is a stone that stimulates the third eye and crown chakra greatly, helps to awaken one to spiritual learning and increases the bodies natural vibrational rate. 

Ametrine suits any being on a journey of enlightenment, helps to bring tranquillity and serenity, as well helping one to see past physical reality.

This stone can be used to gently stir the Kundalini, and also bring about necessary energy shifts within the core of chakras. Ametrine encourages one to find wisdom in all life, and to use this to bring forth positive blessings to oneself and to others. 

Golden Healer

Golden Healer can help to create a clean flow of energy throughout the whole self. It is a stone that works to bring deep healing, balance and serenity.
Where there are struggles with low or erratic mood states, Golden Healer can help to sooth and settle.

A stone that can bring comfort to the distressed, as well as guidance to the mind.
Golden Healer can help with stability and inner-security, as well as in deeply calming frayed emotions, anger and stress.

Hematiod Quartz

Hematoid Quartz contains both the amplification properties of Quartz with the balance and stability of Hematite.  It is highly energetic, that can assist not only in removing negativity but also transforming and transmuting this energy into a positive and pure universal light of love.

Tripod of Life

Rings or circles are a symbol of wholeness and unity. 

They have no beginning and no end. They represent the infinite possibilities of creation they are contained in the void. In the study of Sacred Geometry, two intersecting circles represent the coming together of Deity and Man. 

Their common area form the pointed oval or seed shape referred to as the Vesica Piscis from which all other geometric shapes can be generated.

Three intersecting circles form the basic trefoil unit generally known as the 'Tripod of Life' and have been held sacred by many cultures. 

They are said to represent the energy/form of the Second Day of Creation and are often used to symbolise the Trinity. 

They are a very powerful representation of the creative force of the Universe, and inscribe three intersecting Vesica Piscis. At their centre is formed a triangle with curved sides. Straight-sided triangles are shapes that represent balance, stability, and equilibrium and their three internal angles add up to no more than 360 degrees of rotation. 

When the Tripod of Life is used as a crystal grid it can inspire a laser like focus on any area of life.


How To Create Your Grid

Decide on your purpose for the grid. It could also be used to supercharge your creative energies and focus on a particular goal.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Your clear intention is a key element in empowering the stones energy.

Your intention is what you will use to charge the crystals.

Write your intention on a piece of paper (or on the back of a photo that depicts your goal).

Find a safe location to create your grid where it will not be disturbed.

Cleanse this space. Some cleansing methods include burning sage, placing a crystal cluster in the room, or bowl of sea salt.

Flowers, incense, music, candles can be used to add ambiance to your sacred space.

Place your crystals on the Tripod of Life printout.

Relax and centre yourself.

Visualise your goal having already been achieved with a calm mind and positive intention.

Give thanks and show gratitude.

An important aspect of your grid is to have fun with it and be creative. You can't really make a mistake, if your heart and goals are benign.

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