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Crystals For Grids

Crystal grids are used to direct more energy towards a certain purpose. This could be a simple goal like improving your sleep quality or an energy boost, like that get up and go feeling.
The effect is enhanced because you are using several crystals, instead of just one. Placing your crystals in a geometric pattern makes a grid, and this could be placed on or around the body. The crystals could also be placed around your bed or home or wherever you have need for concentrated crystal energy. As they say, where thought goes energy follows, and this method is an excellent way of directing energy.

Using a crystal grid will significantly expand the power and energy of your crystals in delightful and charming ways. It is like the difference between a single person on a rugby field and a full team that have been playing for years. A crystal by itself undoubtedly has wonderful healing energy and abilities, but when it is placed it a well constructed grid, its properties can be mingled with and enhanced by the other crystals to create a much more powerful force.     
Crystal Grids are also known as Crystal Healing Nets, Crystal Healing Layouts or Crystal Webs.
When used in this manner it involves the placement of crystals on or around the body, in a particular pattern, to regenerate, invigorate or heal the mind and body.

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