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Customer Reviews

Excellent online crystal shop

Beautiful crystal, as described, fast delivery, delighted with surprise gift, KSC is the first site I go to now when I want to purchase crystals

Hello Keith,
Thank you, we have received the crystal this morning and it is beautiful.
It is for our granddaughter who is just 13, she is Japanese and lives in Australia now.
I did not know what crystal to get for her as we do not see her very often and she has found life quite difficult up till now,  also is a little reserved so I decided to just look for the colour blue as she loves the colour.  Initially when I first saw the crystal on the website I thought maybe it was too powerful for her but now I have received it, it is strong but very supportive and loving just the energy she needs at the moment.
Thank you also for the extra little crystal that you have sent, I have not looked at it I shall just pass it on to Aimee as I know it will be relevant to her at this time.
Do you remember you located the perfect Herkimer diamond for another granddaughter Jasmine's 21st ? well,  she loves it and it resonates very well with her and is helping her to move forward on levels of being.
So I send you much light, happiness and gratitude.
I have much respect for you and your chosen light work on the planet at this time.

Hello Keith,
Today I received my order and everything arrived safe and sound, what a quick service.
 The Shiva Eye is beautiful and l love the detail on the bail. I have had my eye on the Fire Agate for awhile so glad that's here with me now. When it comes to the pendulum, well this is my first one and l love it, the movement
is so strong.
Thank you so much for the hematite. l am always attracted to this stone so it was a nice surprise to find one enclosed as a gift. I am looking forward to getting to know my new friends.
A big thank you to you both and have a good weekend.
Regards Lynne
You are a wonderful man! I received the bracelet and it's perfect - not that I expected anything less than quality from you. I was also so very pleasantly surprised that you made up earrings from the spare beads! They are beautiful and I am very appreciative of the time and effort you have put into both of these amazing pieces of jewellery.  You have taken action above what was necessary to repair the bracelet and this is what sets you apart from everyone else.
I always purchased my crystals from you due to their high quality and I can confidently say that I am now a dedicated KSC Crystal shopper in addition to promoting you to everyone I know!
Warmest regards
Suki x
Thank you so much for this beautiful crystal.  Service excellent. Especially pleased to find the free gift of the  amazonite crystal.  As I am working with healing, lately The Rahanni Celestial healing, I realize this gift works in opening the heart which is what Rahanni is for.
Thank you very much. I will order from you again.
Many thanks.
Namaste xxx
I wanted to thank you for my beautiful Rose Quartz sphere pendant I ordered from your website, and the complimentary quartz stone you sent along with my order.  I just received them and they are both so beautiful.  I was very surprised to get them so quickly!  I will be definitely be ordering from you again. 
Your new customer in Florida USA.
Dear Keith and all at KSC,
I wanted to say thank you. I placed an order yesterday for an aegirine chunk,  and this morning it is here. And with a beautifully friendly bit of amazonite as well! I've had reason to order quite a few crystals recently, and your service has far and away been the best. You will now be at the top of my crystal buying list for all future purchases.
Thank you very much. And thank you also for being one of the few places that gives me an option other than PayPal for paying. I much prefer speaking to someone.
With all good wishes 
Hi Keith. Just received my Green Ridge Quartz. Thankyou yet again for another high quality crystal, and thanks for the blue quartz too. Top notch standard crystals, and a brilliant website 😊
Chris Bannister
Hi there!
I just wanted you to know I received my package of crystals in the mail yesterday and they are absolutely gorgeous!
The photos of them on the website don't even do them real justice! I am in love with these stones!
Great QUALITY, Great PRICES!Thank you for having such an awesome shop!
Leah USA
Hello Keith
I am so sorry I haven't emailed before to say thank you so much for my orders of the Rutilated Quartz Bracelet which is lovely, and also for my previous order of the Moldavite Pendant which is great and I love it.  I have only just had chance to catch up with all my emails and wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the crystals and also thank you for the complimentary crystals too which are great.
Thank you
With kindest regards
Thank you Keith,
 The order has been safely received. Everything is as usual in good order.
The crystals are beautiful, in particular the lapis which somehow seems bigger than I expected. I am not very good visualising metric sizes and given the reasonable price I thought it was going to be tiny, so I was particularly delighted with it, but they are all brilliant and I have already started working with some of them. Thanks for the amethyst too which has fitted in nicely with the celestite and lapis for some higher chakra work.
 Best wishes,
Hi Keith,
Just to let you know that I received my order yesterday.
It was exciting to open the parcel and find that each crystal had been individually and beautifully wrapped.
It was obvious that great care had been taken with each crystal. I am very happy with the alternative Veracruz Amethyst you sent me, and the Tanzanite, Orange Kyanite & Watermelon Tourmaline are all simply stunning! And Thank you so very much for the complimentary Green calcite, it's really nice with gorgeous colour and was a lovely surprise. I am really impressed by the whole experience of shopping at ksccrystals, it's a great website, easy ordering, good communications, very fast delivery and excellent quality crystals.
I shall be recommending you to anyone who is looking for that special crystal. Really, the whole experience of shopping with you has been a pleasure! I think your site is now my new favorite place to shop for crystals! I am also enjoying your Facebook page too, always nice to put a face to a name. I look forward to shopping with you again in the future.
With all my best regards and warm wishes to you.
Dear Keith - Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your service. My order couldn't have arrived faster and is exactly as described. Thanks also for the complimentary piece of calcite!!
Many thanks
Dear Keith 
I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the crystals they are truly breath taking and even more beautiful than I could ever imagine they were packaged with such love and care plus the green calcite gift made the whole experience very special. Thank you so very much. 
Warm regards
Good morning Keith,
The postman has just arrived and handed me your package.  THANK YOU.
Firstly everything was so beautifully and securely packed. Opening each individual package was an exciting experience with all the expectations of  Christmas when I was young, and all of the stones are gorgeous: I need a little longer to experience their strengths.
 It is such a pleasure to look at your site and I am already preparing my next order of "must haves"!
Thank you once again
Best Wishes,
Susie (France)
Thank you so much Keith for the complementary green calcite I so excitedly found nestled within my  parcel. The Moldavite is beautiful and very powerful. I wished at first it was a little bigger but to use a well worn out cliche, size is definitely not everything!
I'll definitely be shopping with you again when I've saved up some more pennies, when I shall be looking for a nice piece of Angelite or perhaps a clear quartz cluster.
Best wishes to you and may all your business dealings be as good as mine has been,
Bel x
Dear Keith,I’ve just got the parcel. Thank you for the amazing crystals and the gift :) it was a nice surprise, especially as I was looking information about Lepidolite lately :)  I’m so happy with the purchase! Greenlandite, Preseli Bluestone and Yellow Apatite - these are so rare minerals, and it’s so difficult to find genuine specimens. I will definitely be ordering again and I will recommend you to my friends.
And what a fantastic speed of delivery! It usually takes a month to deliver the parcel from UK to Russia, and then some. 
Thank you so much again!
Warm wishes,
Hi Keith
Many thanks for the inspiring Azeztulite, Pink Fire Azeztulite and the Lemurian Golden Healer crystals.  As well as the gift oft he Aqua Aura. All with beautiful energies. I can't wait to work with them. Many thanks only ordered yesterday arrived this morning.
Will be recommending you to anyone in need of genuine crystals and quality service.
Hi Keith.
Just a brief note to thank you once more for your superb crystals. The ajoite you sent is a very special specimen, while the Andean Opal angel (9 cm) is more finely carved, and detailed than many others I have seen. Additionally, thanks for sending the red aventurine - a lovely, weighty tumblestone to help keep me more balanced and grounded during this period of hectic travel.
Wishing you all the best.
Dear Keith,
I just wanted to let you know we received one of the packages today with your crystals. Deeply impressed by the quality, the weight and the feel of your stones.
 "There was a feeling when I opened the packaged of recognition when I saw the stones in person for the first time. That was unusual experience for me on an Internet purchase." Thank you so much, and we look forward to using your site again especially when I am looking for outstanding healing stones.
Evelyn K
Hello Keith
This is to let you know that I received my order yesterday and I was absolutely astounded at the beauty of the Golden Healer and to pass on my thanks for the green calcite gift you included, it was very much appreciated.
Thank you once again
Hi Keith,
Just wanted to let you know the yellow calcite arrived this morning, yippee! Also, the little surprises in each order, they were just as apt as the stones I ordered. I can now start my Medicine Wheel with my own stones. Thank you so much, I'm so pleased I found your website when I googled Jade Rabbit, I guess our dreams always Point us in the right direction. Think I'll be buying lots more in the future!!
With many thanks
Hi Keith,
I just wanted to send a message to thank you for sending such beautiful crystals, blown away by the Gaia stone, the colour just draws you in and amazing energy from ascension stones and Quan Yin has made herself quite at home :) look forward to visiting your site again in near future and thank you for gorgeous gift, much appreciated
 Love & light
Dear Keith,
I have had a chance to collect my crystals.  I just wanted you to know, how beautiful they are! I am so pleased.   Each crystal is so healthy, so radiant.  I feel so blessed by their presence and so grateful for the care they had before their arrival at my new home.
Many thanks,
Hello Keith,
Thank you for the Seriphos quartz, it has arrived this morning and it is amazing.  Thank you also for the complimentary gift, I don't have any green calcite so it's a great addition to my collection.  Your service is brilliant (I had already phoned and spoken to your good wife with a query about the Seriphos) and very prompt.  I will certainly recommend you to my friends.
Warmest regards
Hi Keith,
I have received both the Brookite and the Rhodizite I ordered from K.S.C. Crystals recently.  They arrived in excellent condition, exactly as pictured, and exactly as I expected them to be.  Thanks so much for your great service.  I hope to order from KSC again soon.
Debbie USA
Hi Keith
I received my bracelets and earrings yesterday and I am so delighted with them that I thought I would drop u a wee note to say thank you. I was also delighted with the complimentary amethyst crystal I received also.
I will definitely be ordering again and I will recommend you to other people.

Reviewer: Jane Clifford from United Kingdom
I have been buying my crystals from Keith for some years now .For me it is the best web site on the web,t he photos make it possible for me to connect with just the right crystal, I have never had to return one! On the rare occasions I have not found the one I am seeking I have phoned Keith & he and his wife have selected one for me with great care & dispatched it the same day. The free complimentary gifts are always a wonderful surprise & demonstrate the good will & kindness on which the business is based. Personally I always buy my crystals from here because the quality & satisfaction is guaranteed.
Dear Keith,
Thank you for the lovely crystals and the gift :) Although I have an account with Crystal wholesalers I ordered from you to (hopefully) get the particular crystals and quality that I was interested in. I am very happy with the crystals you sent me and will certainly consider ordering from you in the future. The blue aragonite is particularly gorgeous :)
Also thank you for having a photo of each individual crystal, this is essential as far as I am concerned but I can only imagine how much work it takes to keep your web-site up-dated!
Many thanks again.
Warm regards,
Christine McBride.
Dear Keith,
Just a quick note to say that my order arrived safely, and I am very pleased with the stones! Although the order was mainly for the Azeztulite, I am finding the Cerussite a parlicularly powerful stone. I am looking forward to working with all of them.
 I've still got a lot of stones that I would like including pink Azeztulite so I will certainly be back with future orders.
Best wishes,
Dear Keith
Many thanks for so readily supplying exactly the crystals I was looking for, and also for the kind inclusion of the hematite. Your website is fantastic - I spend far too long browsing happily before paring each order down to what I really need, not just what I'd like to have!
Thanks again
Kind regards
Hi Keith,
Thank you for the prompt service I have received from you this past week, I am delighted with the quality of these crystals.
 I have today read some of your customer comments regarding the Golden Healer Pebble, and shall be ordering one shortly, I only hope it will bring the same relief for my back it has done for your other customers.
Many thanks,
Patricia Hunt.
Hi Keith, just to inform you that my order of 16th July has duly arrived and I am vereased with the result.  I don’t usually buy crystals on the internet, as I  like to feel of them before purchase where one feels better than another. However these are perfect, so many thanks for your speedy responmpletion of my order.
Once again many thanks.
Michael Upward
Dear Keith
I received my order this afternoon, thank you, I am very happy with it. The experience with Golden Healer pebble 6 is fantastic. My backache is gone and it has relaxed the muscles in my back that were stiff, only by holding it for a day or two.. I keep it with me now since I have received it. Now with one extra I have some extra power, I have charged Golden Healer pebble 6 already in the sunlight, I think that will be OK.
It is a really powerful crystal and its energy feels very pleasant and it does not give any side effects, It gives the body its flexibility back and it benefits the joints as well, knees, neck, shoulders.
Erick (Netherlands)
Dear Keith, 
I just want to say a real, proper, thank you for the effort you've made to find the right things for me. Not many on-line shops care as much or try so hard, even, sadly, in the world of healing and alternative therapies. I am very confident that I have the crystals I need now and I shall return to your site if I need something more in the future.
Blessings and love, Val
Hello Keith,
 Good timing: my first day in office and your parcel arrived!
All stones have a wonderful energy, but there wasn't enough time yet to try them more carefully (jumped on Scolecite at once).
Thank you so much for that lovely Amorite, when I held it in my palm it felt as if it built roots into the hand and soft petals at the same time - like a flower.
(You should add a medical warning: might lead to addictive behaviour - PROVED!)
Best regards,
Brigitte (Germany)
Dear Keith, 
Hello, my name is Cynthia and I ordered about £100 of crystals. I just wanted to Thank you!
The crystals all arrived yesterday.  They are all beautiful, just as on your website.
I have been on a Dolphin Reiki course and the crystals are to lay a grid for healing, etc.  
I am so pleased, and happy!
I just wanted to send you a personal message so you would know.
I appreciate how lovingly each crystal is wrapped up and packaged
Peace, love & light,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Warm Regards,

Hi Keith, A huge thank you for the super quick service, the crystals are with us now. And thank you for the Sin Kin jade, I have looked on your site to find out the meaning of this but it didn’t find anything, so I was wondering if you could tell me??I really can't fault your service and you have been extremely helpful, hope to order again from you soon.JamieKeith
The items arrived today. Very prompt delivery - thank you. I'm delighted with them as well. Thank you for the complimentary amethyst.
Hi Keith
Just to let you know I received the crystals - plus the wee Amethyst gift, for which I thank you! - in record time on Monday. I was so delighted with them but haven't yet worked with them as such. They have beautiful energies, each one different but somehow in empathy with each other. It seems they wish to work with me together with each other....
Best wishes for continued success
Kind regards
Hi Keith, Once again many thanks for your very prompt delivery of the items I ordered. I am very pleased with them, also your complimentary stone. I cannot begin to tell you how important it can be for things such as crystals for healing to arrive within 2 days of ordering. My sister has just told me 2 days ago that she has breast cancer for the fourth time and I immediately did some hectic research online then placed yet another order with you, which you dispatched yesterday. I will highly recommend your site to other people interested in crystal therapy, because you have such a comprehensive range; have reasonably priced quality crystals; most of which are individually photographed so you can get a 'feel' for them when you view them, which is so important in this field. You are also second to none on delivery times, and I get a warm feeling when I am given a complimentary stone. I just wish other people who sell online were anything like half as good at what they are doing as you and your staff are. Many many thanks for being so good at what you do. Many thanks again for my latest order, which as promised did arrive today; all neatly and carefully parceled, no breakages; and the care seems to come through in the products.
I love opening the separate little parcels in their purple tissue wraps, it's a bit like Christmas.
I suspect quite a few of the crystals you supply must take a bit of sourcing, but if you really love your subject it is probably equally fascinating and frustrating I would imagine.
Anyway keep up the good work.
I found Keith to be a wonderful person to communicate with. When my order went through there was a problem with paypal so payment didn't go through, I contacted Keith and he was brilliant. my crystals arrived the following day (Christmas Eve) ready for my Mum to open on Christmas day. 
Thanks Keith 
Regards Louise
Hi Keith, Thank you so much again for the quick response to my order! Received today and I cannot thank you enough! I love ordering from you and your company and will continue to for a long time, I think! I appreciate all you do and the quality is fab and I cannot say anymore, I am very pleased. Love my freebie too, they are all part of the family here and the others welcome them too! ha ha.
Pauline. x
Dear Keith
Thank you so much for sending my order quickly to me.   I love the Pink Mangano Calcite Angels and they are stunning and I can't wait to give one to my little girl and my friends little girl too as they both love angels and fairies.
 Thank you too for the other crystals, that was lovely and very much appreciated.  I hope to order from you again soon as you have so many beautiful crystals and it is so hard to choose which ones to order, but I will keep browsing your website as I love crystals myself.
Thank you once again.
With kindest regards
Dear Keith,
Thanks so much for my crystals which I received this morning.  I love them and will definitely be ordering from you again.
Hello Keith 
Crystals received today............amazing service, thank you. And thank you also for the complimentary gift of pink agate............perfect and most unexpected.I meant every word. And as a Crystal Healing Therapist myself, I know good crystals when I see them! All are superb crystals and I will certainly be ordering from you again BlessingsWendyDear Keith,I’ve received the stones today. They are wonderful, thank you.And thank you very much for the pink agate too, it is beautiful and very kind of you.Very best wishes and kind regards,
Robert Zilberman
Hi Keith
I just waned to say thanks for getting my stones to me so quickly and effortlessly!
We ordered a nice piece of Moldavite from a company in the States and that at the moment is taking twice as long to get here and we are in the same continent!  Go figure!!
The Free Pink Agate was a nice touch, thank you  ;o)
Both my husband and I are just starting to get into Crystals and Stones and their meanings & properties.  So far so good and it is amazing that the ones we chose for ourselves work, when I pick up Colin’s stones I do not get the same feel as I do with my own and visa versa.
We both emigrated to Canada 3 years ago from the UK, so its good to still order items and they get here with no hassle!!
Thanks again
Dear Keith
My order, which I placed only yesterday, arrived in this morning's post.  I am delighted with the Blue John pendant - it is beautiful and real value for money!
I must compliment you on your excellent service and I trust that your company will flourish.
I received my order today and I absolutely love the yellow calcite and the beautiful African turquoise you included. Thank you so much and I am sure to order from you again in the future! Many blessings-

Thank-you-order recvd today.
It was so thoughtfully well packaged and you will find this when dealing with either holistic or crystal shops,t he care taken speaks volumes and makes you want to shop with you again 
Again thank-you and I will order more beautiful things you sell soon. 
Best Wishes

Dear Keith,
Just to let you know that my Charoite bracelet and the Rose Pink Tschermigite crystal are simply lovely! The delivery was incredibly fast and the care taken to provide me with what I truly need has been first class. I shall get in touch again once I have been able to cleanse and charge the crystals and use them in my Healing work as a Reiki practitioner and to assist in my own personal, spiritual growth.
I'm so glad I found your website!
In Love and Light,
Diane, Cumbria
Hello Keith,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my packages yesterday.:)I want to tell you that I am so impressed with the level of energy and integrity in these stones... along with their ability to be co-creative and super supportive.  Usually, I will have to cleanse and purify stones from anywhere else, but it wasn't really that necessary with yours.  Even the color tissue paper they were wrapped in is my favorite color- (purple)!:D  Yes, it looks like I'll be ordering more from you in the future.;)Thank you very much, Keith, for everything....
Love and Blessings,
 Dear Keith and Staff at K S C CRYSTALS
I would like to send you a very big thank you for my order, which was only placed yesterday and arrived today. Unfortunately I was out when they arrived and a card was left by the postman. I felt compelled to drive all around the area of which I live to find the postman, I was very successful and over the moon when I opened my package! Well worth the drive.

I have to say I was drawn to buy the lapis lazuli pyramid, to assist me when i am meditating and learning the tarot cards. I am amazed how strong the pyramid is and can’t wait to cleanse and use it. I had a very beautiful bonding experience with my friend just recently and had a strong urge to buy her a crystal, she chose hers by looking through my crystal bible and picking the one she was most drawn to (Nuummite), it didn’t stop there as her children were intrigued by it all and they too chose crystals for themselves (Atlantisite, Cavansite). All are very happy with their gifts and I feel very honored to buy the crystals for them.
More orders will be on their way because my children wish to choose crystals for themselves too.

A huge thank you for the African turquoise which was a beautiful unexpected free gift! I was amazed after reading up about this crystal how beneficial it will be to me. Once again thank you very much. I will be back spending more money with you very soon
Thanks Keith ,
I received your sanctuary stone , I opened it and held it my left hand and wow it is amazing , the energies off the crystal , went all over and out of my crown , tingles all over , if you do get hold of the z stones please let me know , as this is the next one on my shopping list , thanks again.
I just wanted to let you know I am delighted with my Iolite and Sunstone combination and Preseli Blue Stone, they are out in the sun charging up.  Thank you very much for the African Turquoise, what a lovely surprise and no coincidence that it had caught my eye, it really is greatly appreciated.
I forwarded your website details on to a couple of friends on Friday who were looking for specific crystals too, Gaia Stone and Yellow Apatite.
Thank you once again and I will definitely check your website when I need any more crystals.
Best wishes
I've enjoyed all my purchases from KSC Crystals. They offer exceptional crystals and fast shipping to USA. I'm a customer for life. I also enjoy being able to receive a quick email responses back if I need to ask a question about the stock of a crystal. If you haven't ordered from KSC Crystals, you might consider doing so!
Good news - the parcel arrived this morning in pristine condition.  I cannot understand sometimes why things take so long.  Last week my sister posted a jiffy pack in Inverness at 5.00pm and I received it the next day.
Thank you so much for the African turquoise stone - I appreciate that.
In addition it is lovely to have a parcel packed so nicely.  I am looking forward to using my stones for healing.
Many kind regards
Dear Keith, 
Just wanted to let you know that I received a beautifully packaged parcel from yourself today.
I have welcomed the crystals to my home, and I am going to let them get acclimatised before I work with them or wear them. The Super Seven seemed a little unsettled so I have rested it in a bath of brown organic rice, it just felt right.
The crystals are beautiful, the service was excellent, and the surprise of the African Turquoise touched my heart. 
With thanks & wishes
Very professional organisation-very prompt service-offered helpful advice-experienced knowledge of product. 
Dawn Ridehalgh
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Keith. I approached him to see if he could help me with my terrible mood swings. I was getting to the point that I thought I was going mad. I have also been on and off Prozac for a few years now and since I have started to carry the crystals that were recommended to me my life has totally changed. I now wear a moonstone bracelet and I feel 90% better. I feel like I am a new woman and am not anywhere as moody as I used to be, just ask my husband!!Once again thank you Keith for what you have done.
Kind regards Jue 
Greetings Keith, Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I received my opal angel yesterday, WOW! She is really beautiful! I am very happy, she puts a smile on my face. Thank you for the Great service and products. Thank you and have a great day!
Gloria (Canada)
Hello Keith 
Thank you for the prompt dispatch of my order which I received this morning.  
They are lovely (amethyst merkaba & obsidian skull) especially the merkaba. They are presents for a friend's birthday. I am really pleased with them & I know that she will be too. 
And thank you for the complimentary  African turquoise tumble. Turquoise is my birthstone. 
Kind regards 
Dear Keith,
Thank you so much for those lovely crystals! I have just received my second lot of crystals from you and I have to say I love them all.
I love the website !
Thank you for the complimentary crystals, that was a lovely touch, you now have another loyal customer.
Kind Regards
Cara Williams
Hi Keith,
I just received my stones this morning.
Thank you very much for Josephine's gifts, she very happy and she says thank you!
Thank you for my Phenakite & my Seraphinite too!!
I will clean it as you wrote and meditate with them !
Thank you so much to you all I received my order prompt. 2 infinite crystals, they are lovely and thanks also for the gift, most unexpected.  I just wondered which shows you attended, so I can look out for you, anyway I shall certainly order from you again. Love Shirley Emsley
Good Morning Keith
Well the post office never cease to amaze me, I am pleased to say my Stones have arrived safely And I managed to remember some of their names. The Moukaite wasn't as expected but then the meaning is it can make us more flexible in our thinking! Nevertheless they are all intriguing and beautiful.
Thank you for the African Turquiose, can't say my books mention Africa as a source so will do some homework on that, but if it brings good fortune I should look into buying a lottery ticket. 
Have a great weekend
Best regards
Hi Keith
Just received my crystal items, Thank you very much they are lovely, the little gift was very welcome.
peace and light
Hi Keith, Hope all is well with you.
Thanks again for your amazing service.
Hi Keith many thanks for your email, as always prompt efficient and friendly.  Below some feedback on The Stone of Sanctuary
I was guided to leave the stone alone when I first got it from you on Saturday and was then drawn to it on Sunday.  I do actually think the stone is beautiful, almost ethereal, granted it may not have the beauty of colour like garnet or aqua aura, its beauty is in its inner soul.  It hasn’t left my side since I started working with it, it is happy working with me, which I have asked it to do on all levels, but it is mainly to connect with the Spiritual realms, to keep me calm and tranquil. It is my companion and will always be at my side, both on a personal level and when I work with my clients.
I know it will guide me on my life’s path, helping awaken and deepen my senses, allowing me to enhance even more greatly the therapies I love to work with to help others.  The stone is powerful immediately, its heat is intense and the waves of meridian energy bounce around when it is being used to connect during meditation.  I have slept soundly each night, as I say is stays by my side, indeed it enjoyed the Tai Chi class I did this morning!!
I will keep you posted with ongoing feedback which I hope will be useful to others using The Stone of Sanctuary.
Many thanks for your kindness, amazing knowledge and calming aura.
In love and light
Hi Keith
A little feedback on the Stone of Sanctuary. As you said it isn't a pretty stone but it gives off an aura that is beautiful. It has a majestically feel about it. You feel it still in your hand long after you have put it down. It also seems to work also a while after you take it away. it's as
if it's energy is still there and working. I haven't used it much, but have for a headache, placing it on the brow for a few minutes and the headache goes very quickly. After coming home I had it with me for several days, didn't want to leave it at home! Had it at work where a colleague had a stiff and painful neck and shoulders. She held it for a
few minutes only. She felt a very strong energy being pulled up her arm immediately, like a magnate . I had to leave her for a meeting and when I got back she was amazed at the pain and stiffness had gone, even by
that evening it still hadn't come back (nor later). She felt the energy for many hours afterward. It appears to be a very powerful stone.
Hey Keith,
The stones arrived this morning and I am so very pleased! I could feel the energy coming right through the wrapping. This is truly a significant stone for me. I feel much better already. The Ajoite stone is also very beautiful, I love the intense coupled with the soft color. It is magnificent! As always thank you for all your help.
Hi Keith,
Thanks for the stones, they have arrived. My goodness me the phenacite may be small but it sure is potent! What an incredible stone to work with, wow! Out of interest, would you know which part of the world that particular piece came from? I can see I have quite a journey ahead of me working with this piece.
Thanks as always for the prompt delivery and care put into it.
Warm wishes to you,
Dear Keith,
I wanted to let you know that the Vera Cruz Amethyst arrived this morning! I think they must have delivered it via helicopter as we are a foot under snow, the speed this arrived is amazing.
As for the crystal, it is better than i was expecting. I could see it was lovely, but the energy of it is simply beautiful. It is by far my favourite crystal, and i have an ever increasing collection. I find that crystals stay for a year or two and then find their way on to others when their work with me is done. I shall have to keep this one out of sight of others, i love it.Thank you also for the gift. I love Turquoise and wear it often, this is the perfect size to travel around with me. Anyway i cannot thank you enough, now i have found your shop i am bound to be a regular customer. I wish you and yours a happy Yule and a prosperous 2011. Bring us loads of crystals, this is definitely your calling!
Claudia Hawkins
Hello Keith, 
What a pleasure to receive the crystals from you. That was a very generous thought to include the African Turquoise, thank you- really appreciated. I look forward to working with the stones and feel very blessed to have the opportunity.  I am also very happy to have found your website, the stones are clearly individually selected by you which really comes across in the quality of pieces. I was hoping to make this kind of contact since I often need to track down stones for my clients. 
I look forward to further exchanges with you in the new year. 
Blessings, wishing you peace and good health, 
Hi Keith 
Thank you for the prompt service on my order and also the complimentary gift which was very intuitive as I like those stones as well!
Very best wishes,
Linda Gomez.
At first I`m sorry for my bad English....
Today I recaive crystals from you. That can I say.... your service, crystals and prices are the best! 
Lot of thanks for bonus crystal! 
Best wishes from Latvia!
Glenys from Gloucestershire
I've recently come across a new website for buying crystals, including a range of higher vibrational ones. I mentioned to Keith (the owner), who has been selling crystals for years at fairs etc. and has now branched out to include sales over the internet, that I would pass on the news to friends and colleagues of this extension to his business. His web details are: I've just bought an emerald sphere and a Golden Healer sphere from Keith and I am delighted with each of them. The dark wood carved hands that I also bought, to hold the emerald sphere, look especially striking. Keith is still building his site and so, if you don't see what you are looking for, do get in touch with him direct. I've copied him into this e-mail:  so he can read what I am sharing with friends and fellow lightworkers. I'm not his agent, nor working on commission or for discount - just a satisfied customer who is happy to let others know that this new service is available. Please pass on his details to all you feel would be interested.
Tina from Ohio   
Excellent products, Ksccrystals is top notch! The owners are very kind and professional and they really care about their customer's satisfaction. I would buy from them anytime I am able to over any other website that sells crystals. I can trust the integrity of this store. Thank you!
Hi Keith
I think I found you on face book but I can't be sure now. I just know that I compared your prices and decided to bookmark you.
I used to work in a crystal shop and know a fair amount about crystals and there prices and I have to say your very reasonable, so much so that in the future I will be getting any crystals or pendants I want from you. 
The pendent I have ordered is for a friend and she is over the moon with the fact that I have found her the pendent that she has been looking for
Keep up the good work
Best regards

Hello Keith 
My Pink Opal & Magnetic Hematite bracelet, along with the Sichuan Quartz, arrived today, AND what beautiful crystals!! I can't say that enough!
The Sichuan Quartz really vibrated in my left hand, making me feel all tingly and goosely! I loved it! The bracelet is healing and so attractive, I just hope I don't wear it out before it's time.
AND, many thanks for the African Turquoise crystal -- it is absolutely stunning and a crystal I'd not heard of before, prior to receiving this as a generous gift from you.
Your packaging is just absolutely wonderful and I can tell you CARE a lot about your business and your customers!
I will be sure and forward your company on to those that are into crystals and healing. Your service is prompt, fast and professional -- but with a personal touch that says you care.
Many thanks for the wonderful crystals and I'll definitely be back onsite to order more crystals.....
Mollie West U.S.A

I first met Keith at a local mind body and spirit show, I was actually just going out of interest.
When I first entered the hall it was in, I felt a strong pull towards Keith.
After wandering around and still feeling pulled over towards Keith, I finally gave in and listened to my inner voice.
As soon as saw Keith’s crystal collection I was amazed! I just stood gazing!
There was so much to choose from, but each item came with something different.
That something is Keith’s knowledge, he really does know what he is working with.
Keith can give meaning to mind body and spirit, because that’s what he puts into all that he has to offer. While at Keith’s stall one piece really stood out to me, the most beautiful quartz crystal sphere!.
Not only was it beautiful to look at, so was the energy coming from it - it was pure.
At the time I could not purchase the quartz sphere so asked to be kept updated on it.
I was reluctant to leave as I had totally fallen in love with it! And actually went back just for one more look before we left!.
Just as I knew deep down, I was finally able to purchase the quartz sphere to bring it home.
I actually went to Keith’s workshop to purchase the sphere, and the minute I was face to face with Keith I knew something was different but special.
As soon as Keith opened the door to his workshop, my breath was taken away! The energies were amazing - the sights were amazing!
As I looked all around me I just stood in silence taking everything in, each crystal small and big told a different story, they had soul.
Just like my quartz sphere has soul, it to is special and has a story to tell, when I actually look into the sphere its like a whole world inside that’s never ending.
My life has been turned around for the better, the energy from the sphere is so wise and positive.
Everybody who comes into our home says they can feel a shift in the air - but its a calming feeling, and it honestly is since I brought the quartz sphere home.
Not only has it helped me, Keith has as well in a very meaningful and special way.
Keith taught me so much in so little time, and introduced me to me!, he edged me back on my path in life.
I cant thank him enough because those fears and worries I have carried with me for over twenty years gently and quietly slipped away.
Keith really does talk to you not at you, and so do all of his crystals.. I can honestly say I would never want to go anywhere else for crystals in any form, other than to Keith.
Thanks to Keith and my quartz sphere, I’m finally on my healing journey and I look ahead of me not behind.
Just a friendly note my emerald sterling pendant arrived today! Great job on pkg. and the emerald color/size is perfect!
I am amazed how fast I received it. Will be back again to shop!
Jeanine O. 
Greetings Keith,
The stone arrived this morning and I am very pleased. It is exactly what I wanted. I really like the shape of the gem, it is so unusual, it's perfect!
I hope to be visiting your store again in the very near future. Thank you so much. I am amazed at how quickly the parcel got here, it seems like only a short time ago that I was conversing with you. Well, I've got to run, if
there is anything I can do for you on this side of the pond just let me know.
Sean Mace
Dear Keith
Thank you very much for the Merkabas, they arrived on Saturday.  Your service is excellent.
Clare is thrilled with hers which "sat" and vibrated almost off her hand. 
She had visited your website already and was like me was drawn to the colour.
In her Animal Communications, as part of their healing the animals ask for colours and crystals.  This is how I was introduced to them.  Our cat Fizzy asked for Aventurine. 
Clare always gives the Animals the desired Crystals psychically however I always sourced the crystals as for as possible for them as well. 
 My experience was different and fortunately, I had read your information about crystals.  I did not "take to mine" and felt very apprehensive about it.  When I picked it up, I experienced cold energy which  is a new experience for me.
Thanks for the Crystals. Stunned by the Sphalerite’s glow on matrix, never seen anything like it before, as well as the ‘crystal clear’ clarity of the Manifestation quartz. Great pieces all of them. Isis
I was drawn to your site time and time again while I was searching for a crystal. Interesting, informative and a great range of crystals. Thanks SO much for the Nuummite AND the complimentary crystal, it was a nice surprise. You're added to my Favourites list. I'll be back!
Best wishes,