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Datolite Nodule 2

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Datolite Nodule

Weighs 15.3 grams

Measures 25mm x 25mm 

Datolite,The ‘Stone of the ‘Conscious’, takes one on journey of discovery into the different areas of the mind, body and spirit, while encouraging one to be conscious to oneself, and to surrounding existence. 

Datolite helps to break away false attitudes, it reveals the true self as well as true life. This is a stone that encourages one to be conscious of ones whole inner self. It helps alongside in the exploration, and improving of the mind, body and spirit. This in turn helps one to not only become more enlightened within, it also helps ones input and output to life become more positive and knowledgeable. 

A stone that steps with the wise visionary remarkably well, yet also helps in the teaching of the visionary student. Datolite stimulates the areas of the whole that are needed in such a delicate process, only allowing an output of this stimulation to match ones own vibrational state. 

This stone holds very useful guidance skills for the student learning to ‘read’ energy, such as Auric fields. It helps nudge the student in the most suitable direction by stimulating intuition, as well as helping the whole self to open up enough for the first steps to be taken for the journey ahead.

Datolite is a stone that helps one to listen to the true inner voice. It encourages one to be conscious and trustful of this voice, giving opportunity for a more in depth learning of this, as well bringing steps towards a future with an ever improving inner and outer awareness.

“To begin to know oneself, is also to begin to know all” 

This is a stone that brings forth strengthening to the conscious connection between mother and the unborn child. Datolite works alongside in the opening up and joining of the senses, so that they can be gently improved. Thus bringing an awareness of each other that can be strengthened before the actual birth takes place. 

Datolite can be very helpful to spiritually aware children. It encourages them to be conscious of not only the abilities they naturally have tuned for them, as well as encouraging them to listen to and trust the inner or even outer voice of true guidance that is available for them. This in turn gives them a step up to be the children they are, but to also handle having heightened senses. 

This stone can help highly in the healing of emotional trauma. It can be called upon no matter how largely the emotions have been shaken, or the cause. There is also benefit towards the healing process from inner physical upset, such as from wounds or operations.

Datolite is a great comfort stone where there has been a process of abortion, child loss, or where the child has had to be given for adoption. It will bring support and soothing, while gently opening the conscious to knowing there will always be a connection, not all is taken or lost. It brings acceptance and strength to continue life’s journey. 

This stone brings a sense of knowing that there is so much to life, yet gives a helping hand, a voice, to find out just what this so much is and can be.  

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