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Weighs approximatly 7 grams
Measures 45mm x 10mm

The Dorge (pronounced door-jay) is a Tibetan spiritual-magickal implement of great beauty and utility. It encompasses both art (as an artistic-archetypal representation of the ultimate spiritual dynamic) and function (as a form-energy transceiver, an active meditative-ritualistic component).

While “dorge” and its corresponding Sanskrit term “vajra” are generally translated as “thunderbolt” — a useful symbol for this device as it was archaically the thunderbolt of Indra, the Hindu Jupiter — the true meaning is actually far more comprehensive. The dorge represents the highest spiritual power, that which is irresistible, invincible, indestructible and inexhaustible -- free from conflicting emotions.

In Tibetan “do” means “stone” and “rge” means “master”, and the “master stone” is considered to be the diamond: for its nobility, purity, clarity and ultimate hardness. The Master Stone is of course the Philosopher’s Stone or prima materia of the Alchemists, and this symbolism is apropos for the dorge. The secret of the Philosopher’s Stone is that anyone who attains it can no longer use it for base purposes such as riches and immorality as it will leave them spiritually dead.

In its symbolic-artistic form the dorge is a sceptre, the emblem of supreme, sovereign power, hence the “Diamond Sceptre”. Its form corresponds directly to its function.  There are three stages of the dorge, the seed, the lotuses and the mandalas. With many meanings that will appear to the astute meditator, a good place to start is to think of them as spirit, mind and body, respectively. Concomitant with the three stages, the dorge can also be seen as an instrument describing universal polarities, as two mirror-image sides emanate from the central point.

The central sphere is the seed or “bindu” of the universe, corresponding in Western spiritual tradition to Kether at the apex of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is sometimes represented as an outward moving spiral of energy, just as the Tree of Life can be represented as spiraling out from Kether.

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