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Eclogite 9

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Weighs 6.7 Grams
Measures 20mm x 15mm

The ‘Stone of the Eternal Flame’, helps to open the physical beings minor and major energy centres to stimulate and strengthen the eternal flame of life within. 

Eclogite brings forth positive blessings where it is needed. It is a stone that contains an energy which can be felt almost instantly for many. Eclogate stirs each Energy centre of the physical being into awakening further. 

This is a stone for the healer. It helps bring a connection of clarity and purity to both healer and the being or subject in need.

 Eclogate is gentle with its energies yet the outcome of joining with its energies can help bring forth a whole new way of life on a very positive level. 

A stone that can make beautiful forms of talismans, rosaries, items of hope, peace and joy. Eclogate stirs up inner energies of compassion and unity. Alongside this, the being is encouraged to use such beautiful qualities to take further steps in life, keeping the eternal flame of life glowing and growing.

 “I am a flame of beauty, a flame of hope and of unity. I am a flame of compassion, of love and of joy. Whether I am just glowing embers or growing flames, I am always present, I am Eternal”

 Eclogate is like a fossil waiting to be broken open to see inside, a book of sacred symbols waiting to be translated. This likeness is brought forth to the being who becomes the stones keeper, whether joined with or not, Eclogate always has a willingness to share its beautiful offerings.

 While this is a stone that awakens the inner self, it is still grounding in its steps. Eclogate allows the being to awaken and learn peacefully and fairly, making sure that there are gentle reminders to keep in the here and now, to gain a balance between different areas and ways of life.

 Eclogate helps to sooth worries and anxieties. It is a stone that helps the being to trust and accept at times when nothing more can be done or changed whether this is just going to be short term or long term.

 This is a stone that encourages patience, endurance and understanding. It also helps the being to see what is in front or behind themselves, with compassion and calm.

 “I could be formed to a shimmer of dust on a breeze, yet my offerings shall live on, they are eternal within, I am only here to remind”



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