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Weighs 17 Grams
Measures 30mm x 20mm 

This example of top Green Natural Emerald Crystals on matrix is from Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan

The ‘Stone of the Sacred Heart’ brings forth reminder of love and its beauty, as well as helping to calm emotions and protect the innocent soul.

Emerald seals relationships of the heart where love is true and sacred. This stone can be shared between partners as a token of commitment, loyalty and trust with one another.

A stone that instils confidence and to helps to restore and remind of inner beauty, so that it shines through at its brightest and most beautiful.

Emerald shall ensure that no love is truly lost, and no love is truly broken. This stone reminds that hearts of love shall always beat as one, as a bond of eternal energy.

Also, Emerald helps to calm and stabilise emotions, as well as helping the being to know where they stand in life at the current time. Alongside this, Emerald helps the being to recognise positive inspiration, and to use such recognition for the bettering and inspiring of life yet to come.

Emerald teaches that of compassion and of love, as well as how sacred they really are. A stone that also teaches of unity and the acceptance of others.

“With each heart beat is a following of love, when the hearts beat reaches a time of end the love continues. Love is eternal; love is a part of the past, the present and of the future”

Emerald resonates well with Venus, the goddess of beauty and of love. This can be especially noticeable with females, who, with Emeralds help, can release there own inner goddess. And in turn, the male, with Emeralds help, can recognise the inner goddess of the female.
Emerald contains a deep spiritual power. This stone can help the being to connect to the more spiritual self, helping to bring opportunity to becoming more spiritually aware, in the hope that it can be integrated into daily life.

Emerald can help to protect the innocent soul from deceit and betrayal by warding such threats away, or working to help the being to come away from the threats. Alongside this, Emerald can also help to protect babies and children by warding of illness, as well being a protector against negative influences, for any being.

This is a stone that can help clear infection, strengthen the immune system, improve the body’s ability for toxin removal, as well as helping to clear poison out of the body.

Emerald can also help to sooth and protect irritated eyes. To do this either place on the eyelid on closed eyes for the preferred time or keep Emerald close to just focus gently on the stone if eyes are strained or tired. A stone that can also help ease the affects of epilepsy, and calm the distressed.

Keeping Emerald close by, can also be an expression of how the self has found, and become to know the meaning of the Sacred Heart.



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Emerald (Panjshir Valley)

Product Code HT 22