Empowerite 6

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Weighs 10.8 grams
Measures 30mm x 20mm

Empowerite is a highly-silicated form of chert rock, similar in chemical composition to flint. These stones were discovered in New Zealand’s dense forest, hidden under heaps of moss and ferns. Our guides joked to us that they called the stones “petrified swamp,” because of their damp and oozing locality. In fact, the stones may have been a part of the swamp many millions of years ago, and sometimes a tiny fossil can be found embedded in one of them.

Robert Simmons writes: “Empowerite was named for the way it makes one feel--full of confidence, strength and personal power. It is a tremendously potent stone for grounding one’s energies in the Earth, and for receiving and storing the Earth’s Life Force currents or chi. Empowerite reconnects one to one’s natural energetic link with the Earth, even though most of us are so cut off from it that we have forgotten that the Earth is our primary source of power. Those who feel disconnected from the Earth--especially Star Children who long for home--will find that Empowerite can completely shift this disorientation and bring the felt sense of Earth as one’s true home.

“Empowerite helps one to become fully embodied. Many people have not actually decided--on the soul level--that they want to be in a physical body. Usually, they are not conscious of this reluctance, but it can result in many problems--including spaciness, weakness, being ‘all in one’s head,’ being accident prone, having little physical energy, and even being invaded by negative entities. The grounding influence of Empowerite can work like magic to bring our souls into full embodiment, where we discover that living in a physical body is really great! Once this occurs, many of one’s symptoms can quickly dissolve.

Empowerite is a stone of confidence and courage. It encourages a state of wakeful self-awareness in which one is fully in command of all of one’s faculties and abilities. It dispels hesitation and indecision, enhances will power, inspires courage, stimulates practicality and encourages one to act with resolve in every moment. It is a stone of destiny, since most people fail to fulfill their destiny through hesitation and discouragement.

    “Empowerite is a stone of commitment, and as such it leads one into the inner state of ‘unconflicted behavior.’ Most of us live in a consciousness of inner conflict--of some degree of self-doubt and second-guessing. It is trained into us, and we are surrounded by it. However, in extraordinary moments we can find ourselves fully committed, and in that state we can do astonishing things. (We have all heard stories of individuals lifting an automobile off of a child, etc.) What allows this is the complete concentration of one’s whole being into a fully committed act. The currents emanated by Empowerite support a state of consciousness in which self-doubt and fear are increasingly erased, and we are more and more able to focus our intention completely. When we do this, we can go completely beyond what we once thought were our absolute limits.  

 “As a healing stone, Empowerite’s influence can strengthen the digestive system and intestines. It vibrationally supports the liver and gall bladder, as well as the hands, feet and shoulders. It is useful in body-building, and for strengthening the muscles and skeleton. It is highly recommended for anyone convalescing after an illness or injury, and for those who wish to put the psychological effects of grief or trauma behind them.
    “Empowerite harmonizes with Hypersthene, as well as Black Strongstone, Illuminite, Smoky Quartz and Crimson Cuprite. It works well with Auralite 23 for purifying and repairing the etheric body. With Moldavite, it can facilitate the process of spiritual evolution and transformation.”
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