Epidote Crystal 25

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Weighs 7.3 grams
Measures 20mm x 15mm x 15mm

This example is from Kharan district of  Balochistan, Pakistan 

Epidote the ‘Awareness Shield’, offering a very strong energy for protection from any negative force or any negative intent, especially while inner awareness is growing and developing.

Epidote is a stone to keep close by at times when one is to go deeper into heightened awareness realms, helping to give protection and ensure that stability is kept at all times.
Epidote is a stone that does not drop its cape of protection, it will shield its keeper for eternity. Epidote can be used for any light worker of any age; this stones protection will stay strong and devoting. It will help to awaken the spiritual self in the beginning if this is not present and strengthen spiritual awareness overall.
Because of Epidote bringing the spiritual self out into the open, this in turn can also bring recognition certain parts of the self that may or may not be desirable, may or may not be an emotional sensitivity, and may or may not be something that was purposely covered up. The object of this is not to purposely cause a "rocking of the boat", but to allow the chance for learning, letting go and healing.
Epidote helps to cleanse the emotional self of past trauma, grief, and hurt, which if left untouched can lead to negative energy build up and blockages, as well as struggles to get through certain areas of life.
Epidote increases inner and outer strength, as well as stimulating the memory function as needed. A very good stone for past life recall, and soul study.
On a healing level, Epidote is beneficial to the liver function, and in the removal of toxins from the body. Also being helpful to the function of the brain.
Because of this stones emotional cleansing offering, it may be helpful to gain assistance from a qualified crystal & mineral therapist, and/or a spiritually aware counsellor.

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