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Faceted Yellow Fluorite Pendulum

Weighs 17.4 Grams
Measures 35mm 

A beautiful simple classic design, this pendulums design will ensure accurate and clear results to its keeper.

Strung on 16cm chain terminating in a hoop.

Fluorite is a particularly beneficial healing crystal for the mind. It promotes the organization of information. It helps to link new information with what is already known, encouraging useful connections between ideas for deeper understanding. Beneficial for students and scholars alike, wearing fluorite earrings or keeping a sphere in the area for study, improves concentration and imparts a sharp mind. This stone brings the energy of clarity of truth and ordered, objective thoughts. It works to dispel a myopic viewpoint, preconceived notions, and illusions.




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Pendulum 161

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Faceted Yellow Fluorite Pendulum 6

Product Code Pendulum 161