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 Fire and Ice Rainbow Quartz

Weighs 128.2 Grams

Measures 65mm x 40mm x 30mm 

Fire and Ice Rainbow Quartz
Fire and Ice Quartz contains inner figures that draw on shamanic medicine, and its symbols can be intuitively read for advice regarding soul transformation.
Fire and Ice Quartz  works through the pineal and pituitary glands, energetically reconfiguring the endocrine system and neurotransmitters. It may aid the reproductive and urinary tracts in both sexes, activating Kundalini to sweep through the kidneys in a cleansing process. It also heals the etheric, causal and higher spiritual bodies. Fire and Ice opens the central channel and ignites Kundalini energy in the light body. Fire and Ice Quartz contains the spirit of pure love.
Fire and Ice Quartz comes from a specific mine in Brazil and has a very high underlying energy.
Please note that Fire and Ice Quartz is not common Crackled Quartz.
For more information on Fire and Ice please refer to Judy Hall's '101 Power Crystals' book page 92.


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