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Fluorite From Weardale

From the Rogerley Mine 
Despite the closure of the Weardale mines, a new development of great interest to collectors, is the working of some of the mines on a commercial basis for specimens. The extraction of fine fluorite specimens is taking place at the Rogerley Mine - thanks to a recent commercial venture and also at the Greenlaws Mine. In the summer of 1999, an American consortium, UK Mining Ventures, (entrepreneurs in the commercial extraction of mineral specimens, specifically for the collector market), began operations at the Rogerley Mine.

The consortium were in search of the mine's well-known, typical, rich green cubic fluorite crystals which, in the best examples, often display a strong, daylight fluorescence!

Since then, numerous good specimens of both green and purple crystals have been extracted from several newly-discovered mineralized pockets.
These are the crystals that I have available on the web site.