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Garnet Stud Earrings

The earrings weigh 2 grams
These little earrings are genuine Garnet crystal on sterling silver posts.
Garnet the 'Stone of Wellbeing', brings forth a helping hand to the being emotionally to mentally, physically to spiritually, whether it is needed in healing, for guidance or just for support.
Garnet overall is a grounded stone. It knows its journey well and helps its keeper deeply. A stone that continually moves forwards, adjusting and shifting its energy accordingly with Mother Earth. With an eternally positive output and a destination of light, Garnet is a medicine box, a book of teaching, a hand of hope. In its numerous forms its offerings do often differ, yet follow the same undertones.
A stone that can help the being to function healthily on all levels. Garnet can be used aside other methods of healing and support to help ensure a harmonious give and take of the mind, body and spirit, where it is for the best.
Also a stone that can be called upon to improve the wellbeing of not just the human kingdom, but also of the animal and plant kingdom. Garnet lifts the spirit and atmosphere, while encouraging that of negativity to move away.
This is a stone that can be called upon to aid in the healing and easing of depression and disorders such as epilepsy, insomnia, schizophrenia and paranoia. It can also help balance the brain and bodies polarity overall.
Garnet can help to restore balance and harmony in life, it encourages the being to be more focused, and helps in de-cluttering the mind. It also helps the being to be more heartfelt towards others, as well as helping to remove shyness and taboo where need be.
A stone that aids the function, healing and regeneration of all the bodily organs and tissues. Garnet helps to cleanse and oxygenate the blood and is greatly beneficial in the easing and curing of blood disorders and upsets. Alongside this, Garnet also helps the body to absorb vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Where their are disorders and upsets of the respiratory system such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema, this is a stone that will help to ease, heal and cure in such areas. Also a stone that can help higher the bodies resistance to allergic reactions as well as help ease allergies themselves.
Garnet is beneficial in the easing and curing of arthritis, as well as other disorders and upsets that affect the bodies joints and can be a helpful pain killer.
A stone that can be a great support in times of stress, trauma, bereavement and illness. Garnet can also give support to the being that is going through life change whether inner or outer, and even during hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle, puberty and the menopause.
Garnet is a wonderful stone to keep close where their is pregnancy as it can bring comfort and soothing to the unborn child as well as in helping in their development, such as in nutrient intake and growth.
A stone that can be beneficial to the being who steps through life with conditions such as Downs syndrome, Autism, Aspergers syndrome, tourettes syndrome and learning or behavioural difficulties. Garnet gives support and brings an inner sense of security and grounding.
This stone can be placed around a chosen area to help it feel more homely and welcoming. This is especially good in new homes, and where their are stays away from home in new places. It can also be helpful in hospitals, doctors surgeries, places of therapy, residential homes and even in boarding schools.
Garnet encourages healthy generosity and a positive nature. It is a stone that attracts positive blessings and reminds the being of the richness that is all around, the richness of life.

Garnet is the name of a group of different coloured minerals with similar compositions, silicate of magnesium, iron, and aluminium, belonging to the garnet family. It is more correctly a group of minerals consisting of mixtures in variable proportions of the two end-members. Mixtures in which magnesium clearly predominates over iron are called Pyrope; those in which iron predominates are called Almandine. The name garnet, which is derived form the Latin word “granatum” meaning pomegranate, because of the crystal’s red colour and seed-like shape.

During the Middle Ages garnet was regarded as the gem of faith, truth, and constancy. Findings of garnet beads and inlaid work indicate widespread use of this gem in Egypt as far back as 3100 B.C.
Garnets are said to help with sexuality, assists in taking action, “stone of commitment”, stimulates Kundalini, and provides energy. Garnets are very grounding, evokes stirs up from depths than soothes and integrates. Keeps energies flowing and will increase creative energies. Brings circulation to normal, clotting of the blood, purifies. Balance awareness and well being, prevents fears and insecurity, draws out negativity. Balances thyroid disorders, increases sex drive. Good for use at second chakra.


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Garnet Stud Earrings 2

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