Girasol 1

Gyrosol The ‘Stone of Transition’, hold’s a pure and supporting energy that help’s the being in time’s of transition.
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Weighs 35.7 Grams
Measures 35mm x 25mm

The ‘Stone of Transition’, holds a pure and supporting energy that helps the being in times of transition and change.
Quartz overall is a high vibrational stone with a very pure and self-adjusting energy. It works on the whole of the being, the whole of an atmosphere and widely strengthens the energy output of other crystals and minerals. It is a stone mainly in its clear pure form that can be called upon when seemingly all else fails, or when there is confusion of what other crystal or mineral to connect with. In its different forms it does have differing offerings, yet with the same undertones.

Girasol gives encouragement when a time of transition has come, helping positively and strongly for one to face what is needed to change, and to accept what lays ahead is not always able to be known.

Girasol helps to ease away anxiety and worry that can be associated with times of change and transition. This stone will support whether the transition or change is on a earthly level or a spiritual level, equally.
Girasol also supports after the transition or change has taken place, giving guidance to thought and calm to feelings. Alongside this, Girasol can be comforting for the being who is experiencing anxiety, nervousness and worry in daily life or suddenly.

This is a stone that can be placed around areas of sleeping to help stop nightmares and bring forth dreams of light and heavenly feel.

Girasol resonates well within the Heart and Crown energy centres, helping them to work in harmony with each other as well as improving all that is associated with them. This resonation can be especially beneficial in times of transition and change.

Girasol helps soften, lighten and calm atmospheres. A beneficial stone to place safely around bedrooms of children who are sensitive to energy change, to spirit and to change overall, giving help by soothing and protecting, as well only allowing that of light into the atmosphere.

This is a stone that allows the being to take a journey back in time to self past. Girasol helps the being to look into the smallest of happenings, within the hidden areas or even self denied areas. This stone supports along the way, but encourages the being to use this journey for learning and self-awareness.
Girasol teaches the being to be a more positive person and to lead a more positive life. This stone gives light the mind, body and spirit, helping the being to more optimistic, confident and enthusiastic.
This stone also replaces and raises depleted energy, and brings a shift from negative feeling and thought, onwards to that of positive feeling and thought. Also, Girasol helps balance the  bodies polarity that may often be felt as a vibrational shift.


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