Gold Azeztulite Sphere 1

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Gold Azeztulite Sphere

Weighs 196 Grams 
Measures approximately 50mm

Gold Azeztulite
The 'Peace Within', takes the being on a journey to find inner peace; a place of solitude, serenity and tranquillity.
Gold Azeztulite awakens the being by raising the energy flow through out the mind, body and spirit, as well as increasing and allowing the growth of the Golden Ray within and all around.
This is a stone for the being seeking to further the Souls spiritual journey. Gold Azeztulite helps in the gaining of knowledge and heartfelt truth that ultimately comes from within.
"I am in all that one sees, in all that one touches, and in all that one feels. Create me as you wish, call upon me as you feel, I am as you, as you are as I, we are as One"
Gold Azeztulite is a key to new ventures within, to new kingdoms, to new worlds. Also a stone to increase and further Angelic communication.
A stone to help one find a sanctuary within the self, leading onto finding the peace within. Also a very good stone for the channeller needing focus and to find such a place within the self in order to channel with comfort and ease. Gold Azeztulite helps increase intuition, as well as helping the Crown energy centre to develop further in order to gain communication with spiritual existence and higher wisdom.
This is a stone that is excellent to use in finely tuning ones own energy and can also be used to finely tune energies within areas that are to be used for forms of channelling and meditational practice.
Gold Azeztulite brings forth the Golden Ray to all that it touches and all that it joins with. It is a stone that can be used to direct and focus energy from other crystals and minerals to the needed area or the a needed way - such as in healing techniques. For this, place Gold Azeztulite in front of the other chosen stone at the time of use. This stone is also very good to be used in a wand form.
Also, Gold Azeztulite stimulates the physical and inner senses of hearing and seeing. It can be beneficial to use for healing if there is damage in these areas or in strengthening them.
Alongside this, Gold Azeztulite can also help to remove pain and discomfort, ease and calm chronic illnesses, encourage healthy cell renewal and strengthen the immune system.
A stone that can be called upon when all else fails in the clearance or at least to bring peace from the affects of debilitating disorders and disease.
Gold Azeztulite helps to lift a heavy and dense atmosphere, as well as helping to lift away low moods, anxiety and depression. It is a stone that helps to raise and attract the Angelic essence within the self and all around.
"Awaken the Angel within"


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