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Product Description

Gold Pietersite

Weighs 14 grams
Measures 30mm x 25mm

Gold Pietersite

The ‘Stone of Enlightenment’, guides, protects and supports all beings throughout journeys of spiritual Enlightenment.

Gold Pietersite helps the being to find the voice within, to find the true self, and to recognise the Divine that is within and all around.

A stone that helps in the alignment of the body's energy centres, to prepare for the clearing and strengthening of each centre so that the changing energy can flow without efficiently. Also a stone that resonates especially well with both the Root energy centre, and the Crown energy centre, helping to better harmonise them as one.

Gold Pietersite helps to bring one to where one needs to be in life, to focus on what is most beneficial for the highest good of the self and of others.

This is a stone that truly opens the being up to Divine communication, to recognise Divine intervention whilst still keeping grounded and connected to Earthly existence.

Gold Pietersite encourages acceptance for all that is good and worthy. It is a stone that improves self-acceptance and self-perception when it id most needed. 

A stone that supports the being in finding peace within, and then integrating that peace into daily life; not forgetting that the peace need stay that way and not be converted into the fast pace of life that is the modern world.

Gold Pietersite supports the function of the body’s digestive system, and in healthy cell renewal.

A stone that is a Church, a Monastery, a Cathedral, a place of worship, and a place of solitude; another connection to the Divine, and Enlightenment. Gold Pietersite strives to help the being to find such beauty within the self.



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Product Code TS 174