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Golden Feldspar 22

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Golden Feldspar

Weighs 6.7 grams
Measures 20mm x 15mm

The 'Stone of the Golden Sun', brings forth a warming spiritual energy, infused with the healing touch of the Golden Ray.

Golden Feldspar holds a somewhat deepened connection to the Suns Gods; containing a voice within that holds much spiritual wisdom.

“Many beings may hear this voice, yet only few gain wisdom .. It is within the heart that this voice is heard, it is within the soul that this voice becomes wisdom”

Golden Feldspar helps to create a 'zone' for its keeper to find and settle into the best suited area of meditation.

This is a stone to be used if the being wishes to see deeper into meditations and within psychic visions. Golden Feldspar helps in the opening of the Third Eye and Crown centres, as well as resonating well with the lower energy centres; Root, Sacral and Solar plexus, helping all that is associated to each centre.

Golden Feldspar is beneficial in minimising any scarring of the body, aids in wound healing, and in helping to break a fever. Also, Golden Feldspar is beneficial in the stimulation of an under active thyroid as well as helping low hormone levels that need raising in order to find balance. This is also a stone that can help increase fertility levels in both the male and female.

Golden Feldspar brings forth strength and courage, as well as raising energy levels and increasing will power. This is a stone that can be called upon in the breaking of negative patterns, laziness and even depression. Golden Feldspar infuses its keeper with light filled energy and can bring hope even on the darkest of days.

A stone that is beneficial in the easing and healing of chronic health conditions as well helping to 'kick-start' the immune system back into its healthy state. Golden Feldspar can also help infuse the mind, body and spirit with the healing Golden Ray if called upon.

Golden Feldspar is beneficial as a protection stone, helping to shield its keeper from negativity, illness and sudden depressions.

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