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Golden Healer Flame

Weighs 304.1 Grams   
Measures 100mm x 50mm x 40mm
Golden Healer
The 'Stone of Divine Essence', a beautiful stone with a beautiful energy, the Golden Healer can bring miracles to all those that receive it's Divine touch. Golden Healer is beneficial in clearing the bodies chakra's of blockages and stagnant energy, clearing away that which can cause or has caused dis-ease, and also where blockages are disturbing the flow needed for energy work.This is a stone that can be used in never ending areas of healing, the powerful energy flow ensures all is met with what is needed, unlike many other powerful stones, Golden Healer does not bring any un-easy physical feeling's such as dizziness and feeling " floaty ".Golden Healer can bring forth miracles to those in need, bring back lost hope, and bring back forgotten faith." To be touched by such energy, is to be touched by Divine Essence "A stone that can raise the bodies vibrational rate, bringing one to a more enlightened level of believing, seeing and feeling. " Bringing one closer to that of Light Existence "The body will accept and hold the energy from the Golden Healer very naturally, as though the body has, for the time being " come home " to replenish and purify. A very good stone for those who are suffering from serious and terminal illnesses, giving a helping hand in healing with a Divine touch where it is needed most. The Golden Healer is a prayer, is an offering, is a blessing, is love, peace and harmony, is that of Divine Essence, the ultimate healer where, whenever and however it is called upon.


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