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Green Chrome Dravite Tourmaline

Weighs 5.9 grams
Measures 20mm x 115mm


This example is highly sought after variety of Chrome Dravite tourmaline from Tanzania. The lustrous emerald green of this chrome-rich dravite tourmaline crystal has complex terminations which fluoresce mildly under UV illumination.  Chrome Dravite is an excellent grounding stone, offering one protection from negativity in ones environment. It also holds the green energy properties of wealth, abundance and success. Is said to help to gain clarity in finding one's true path.
The ‘Stone of Natures Touch’, helps to take the being into a relaxed and soothed state by connecting with the beauty of nature, and filling the mind, body and spirit with all of nature's wonders.
Tourmalines overall are a supportive, grounding, protective and emotionally balancing stone. They resonate well with any age, background or gender, with a great ability to pin point the area of the being or other that needs attention. In its different forms it does have differing offerings, yet with the same undertones.
Green Tourmaline is a stone to use when atmospheres have gotten tense and troubled. This stone brings natures beauty close to home, close to the heart, bringing peace, soothing and tranquillity. It can also help to still and quieten the mind, making it good before sleep, before meditation and for soothing and calming children. For use with children, please make sure it is in a safe manner.
A stone to use at times of deep thought and deep remembrance. When the time arises for one to look into the past, or look into a situation that has just arisen, Green Tourmaline is very assisting by bringing a sense of security.
Also a stone to help one merge with Mother Earth, with nature, to be as one in her beauty and offerings. It gives encouragement and support to those who are learning of and follow natural paths such as the herbalist, the vegetarian and vegan.
Green Tourmaline helps in the letting go and releasing of issues that are no longer needed. This stone will take them from you and release them back to Mother Earth to be cleansed away.
This is a stone to help ease pressures of the world, pressures that arise in life. It helps cleanse away negative thoughts which if left untouched can lead to a negative energy build up.
Green Tourmaline is beneficial at times of upset, of hurt and loss, helping to bring calm and acceptance. It can also help one to keep cool, calm and collected in sensitive or tense situations, as well as easing anxiety, panic attacks and nervousness.
This stone is very good in relaxing the body and easing tense and aching muscles. Also very good to freshen up the mind and lift the spirit, for better focus and positive outlook.
Green Tourmaline eases sickness and neutralizes stomach acid, helping to prevent stomach disorders and diarrhoea. Also a good stone to ease cramps of the body, in all muscles and especially of the stomach. Alongside this, Green Tourmaline can be helpful in soothing tired, strained or inflamed eyes.
Where their is redness of the skin either caused through inflammation, broken blood vessels and capillaries, this stone can be helpful in easing it. If the redness is caused from a tendency to blush easily, keep Green Tourmaline close by daily and nightly to help calm the blushing episodes down, as well as oneself at these times.
At times of stress, pressure, worry and upset, Green Tourmaline is a wonderful helper. Let this stone connect oneself to Nature and to Mother Earth, to be soothed, both inner and outer.


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