Green Fluorite from Weardale 25

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Green Fluorite from Weardale 

Measures 35mm X 30mm 

Weighs 89 grams 

Green Fluorite
The ‘Stone of Integrity’ encourages the being to be honest and committed where it is needed most, and for this to come from within.
Fluorite overall is a stone with a precise and well focused energy. It is a stone that strives to bring organization, stabilise mental health, improve the mind and teach its wisdom. Fluorite breaks through negativity and clutter, replacing it with positivism, organization and purity. This stone sharpens the mind and brings forth quick thinking. Fluorite helps the being to integrate what is already learnt to that which is to be learnt. Fluorite’s healing offerings are speedy and precise and range from help for the respiratory system to pain relief. In its different forms, Fluorite does have differing offerings, yet its undertones remain the same.
Green Fluorite removes the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, bringing one to a sense of knowing what next is best said, what next is best done and what next is best followed.
This is a stone that brings clarity of mind; it helps one to focus on what is right at the time, what is of the highest benefit to all and the self.
Where there is tension and worry in facing a situation, Green Fluorite helps to remove the mind away from such mental and emotional stresses, bringing a power point for a fresh and healthy approach.
A stone to remove illusion and trickery created by own mind clutter, as well as helping one to see beneficial solutions and answers, that may have been clouded over many years.
Green Fluorite encourages one to be appreciative and accepting of outer help and wisdom, but it also opens the self to trust the voice within, helping to bring forth self-solution and self-answer. Intelligence is of no barriers with Green Fluorite. It is a stone that gives reminder of this throughout time.
“One has all the solutions, all the answers and all the truth closer than one has ever imagined them to be. One only need to first look within the self to find them”
Green Fluorite encourages the being to be committed to that which is of positive nature, that which is of truth and honesty and of highest benefit to all. It is stone that allows the being to recognise and reap the good that follows such commitments.
This stone resonates well within the Hearts energy centre, helping to bring a soothing and harmonious flow, as well being helpful in the lifting of low moods, negative outlooks and depression. 
Green Fluorite also helps to ease gastric discomfort, calm and cleanse mental upset, fight and clear infection and viruses, sooth away acne and inflammation of the body’s inner and outer tissues, as well as being beneficial in the clearing of verrucas and warts.
Where there is a strong virus causing high fever such as the flu virus in its differing forms, Green Fluorite can be very beneficial in the easing of its symptoms and healing the body back to its rightful state. It is a stone that also helps to lift and clear away catarrh.
This stone can be used to prepare the body’s energy centres overall for cleansing and healing. Green Fluorite will weaken that which is not needed in order for it to be lifted away, repaired and healed efficiently.
Green Fluorite is a stone that helps the being to see the beauty and wonders of Life and its many opportunities. It is a stone that can be seen as being under a ‘Holy Grail’ influence. Green Fluorite truly is a stone to create Legends in time.

Information channeled by Katie Jacqueline - December 2009


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