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Hackmanite is an exceptionally rare sulfur-rich variety of Sodalite which exhibits tenebrescence, the ability of minerals to change colour when exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light.

Weighs 107.4 Grams

Measures 50mm x 40mm x 35

The ‘Stone of Eternal Belonging’, reminds one of how existence and its ever unfolding stories has come around and how all of this has its belonging in time and place. 

Hackmanite brings invitation for one to experience visualisation of how existence has unfolded, with its changing of creation, its changing of experience, knowledge and wisdom. Also, giving examples of the changes in Mother Earths vibrational rate, ones own vibrational rate and how the past has nudged forward the present, as the present is to nudge forward the future.

A stone that encourages one to recognise that all existence has belonging. It has been, is now, and is to come, all for necessary reasons that contribute to living, learning, teaching and growing. 

Hackmanite opens ones mind to gain an understanding of how many things of the past, now make the present, and how much more of the present will make the future.  

“It is to be that this is all part of existence, all part of belonging. An eternal flow of energy shall always belong, but one need know that this energy is ever changing, ever shifting and continuously growing. Energy can be positive or negative, a single thought, action or happening can create either. Visualise this onto more than a single thought, more than a single action or happening and then from more than one being.. look onwards to see the unfolding story” 

Hackmanite encourages appreciation for the past, for history, for its existence. It opens the Hearts Energy centre to an experience of energy that many who already have an empathy for the pasts existence understand, and use towards a more enlightened future.

 This stone supports the being to find there own spiritual path within. The can be said as own truth, that which is felt deepest inside, touching every nerve, following every beat of the heart. Yet, Hackmanite has a main energy focus at being very beneficial for the being who may be more comfortable with seeing and feeling this from a physical existence. It attracts the inner self to that of a spiritual nature but this shall come forth from physical, more “Earthy” sources.

 “To visualise this, one may recognise me as a physical source on ones path because I am a stone formation, or one may recognise me as an inner source on ones path because I am also an energy formation. Both recognitions come with the same offerings, containing that of love and of light”

Hackmanite can be very beneficial to the being who has or is suffering from bullying or other fear inducing forms, by helping to awaken courage and strength that has been hidden deep within. This also is an especially good stone for the being who feels they have lost belonging, it brings back the sense of being a part of all, and having a place with all.  

On a healing level, Hackmanite can be helpful to the beings self belief in resistance against illnesses and dis-ease. It encourages positive thinking for good health, in time helping this to manifest. 



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