Heliodor 19

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Weighs 5.3 grams

Measures 20mm x 15mm

Beryl, ‘the mother of gemstones’ has a yellow variety very commonly called by the name Heliodor. Beryl is a well known gemstone occurring in various colours which include- pale green to blue (Aquamarine), the intense green Emerald, the pale yellow to yellowish-orange (Heliodor) and the pale pink to salmon colour (Morganite). Beryl is also found occurring as the colourless gem variety Goshenite as well as the very rare red beryl variety bixbite.

The word ‘Heliodor’ is derived from Greek language and it means the sun and gift with reference to its colour. The fine golden beryl variety which was minted from a particular location in South West Africa was initially referred to as Heliodor in the early 20th century with an aim to gain publicity. But today Heliodor is simply another name for yellow or golden.

Heliodor is a well known gemstone being famous for its ability to make one more compassionate and sympathetic towards others. The golden beryl improves one's intuition and improves one's communicative abilities. Heliodor is assumed to help strengthen and stabilize heartbeat and to help in the treatment of stomach disorders and disorders relating to the small intestines, liver, spleen and pancreas. The traditional concept related to Heliodor is that it is a remedy for idleness and so it was greatly used by people to avoid idleness to enable them to become active in their day to day life.

Heliodor’s astrological sign is Leo


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