Herderite 17

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Weighs 0.4 grams
Measures 10mm x 10mm x  3mm


The ‘Stone of the True Soul’, supports the being in connecting with the true inner-self, helping with awareness and alignment. 

Herderite brings forth alignment and conjoining of the mind, body and spirit, supporting the being in moving toward possibilities of a new beginning; a new approach to life. 

This stone empowers the soul to shine past the physical barrier, rising above that of a negative or disruptive nature.  

“It is to be known that all beings can be true to themselves, yet it is through time that this has been buried and forgotten. One need remember, how you, I and all, are of one whole; of one energy; eternally conjoined beyond physical matter” 

Herderite helps the being to recognise in life, where there has been hidden spiritual teaching, so that such knowledge can be put into use for the path ahead.

“Reach out to me, and you will find me. You shall never be left alone; there is no forgotten, I am inside you and all around you

Herderite helps to clear virus and inflammation, especially of the throat, ears and sinus areas. Also, this is a stone that will help strengthen the natural bodily defence, for the protection from viruses, such as colds and influenza, glandular fever, mumps and measles, also including those within the pox category. 

Herderite is very beneficial in the treatment of ear canal upset, helping to drain off excess fluid and lessoning the build-up of wax.

This is a stone that will help the being to restore the balance and harmony within daily life, on all levels of the self.

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