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Honey Fishtail Selenite 6

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Honey Fishtail Selenite 

Weighs 97 Grams 

Measures 100mm x 40mm x 20mm

Honey Fishtail Selenite 

The 'Stone of Magic', this beautiful stone can awaken the magic that is inside us all, the magic that many let go once past childhood.

Fishtail Selenite can show the magic that is all around and inside us that many just cant feel or see anymore. A very good stone to awaken the inner child and to release negative energies that can cause a block to many in experiencing such innocence and those magical moments once again.

This stone is also very good to bring connection to higher realms of spirit. This is especially helpful for gaining insight and guidance with the awakening of the spiritual self, and for meditational practice based on higher awareness.

Fishtail Selenite helps to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. This is almost like a fresh flowing stream cleansing away anything that can cause one to struggle getting through each day, calming the mind, soothing the body and energising the spirit.

Fishtail Selenite resonates well within the Heart and Crown energy centres, helping to bring connection between the two.

A stone to help those who are grieving, to encourage acceptance at such a time. This stone can be given as a remembrance of love in however way one feels comfortable, to any loved one who crossed over to the world of spirit.

It can be of help and comfort to hold the stone to the Heart energy centre at times when one feels a grieving process very hard to cope with.

Fishtail Selenite helps the being to connect with Angelic presence, both within the self, and within higher realms of spirit. It is also a stone that can be used with positive spell casting, either as an offering, or just as a strengthener.

I am a reminder of the magic that has always been within.

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