Imperial Golden Aura Quartz 2

Imperial Golden Aura Quartz , Made by infusing natural quartz crystal with gold copper and iron .
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Imperial Golden Aura Quartz

​​​​​​​Weighs 7.5 Grams
Measures 20mm x 15mm
Made by infusing natural quartz crystal with gold, copper and iron producing iridescent shades of gold, orange and pink.
Golden Aura Quartz inspires kindheartedness and can help repair broken relationships or affairs and fills the aura with joyfulness and delight.
This stone provides a strong link between the heart and solar plexus chakras allowing one to manifest through the hearts loving wisdom.
The solar plexus chakra is the center of your individual power and self-control. The connection of golden aura quartz to ones solar plexus chakra makes this a powerful manifesting stone. Being highly programmable, ones manifesting intentions are amplified when stimulated by positive and loving aspirations.
It aligns one with their own highest good allowing them to manifest positive things into their life.
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