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Crystal Skulls
Native legends speak of crystal skulls as an inheritance from ancient times.
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Crystal Bracelets
New selection of crystal bracelets. Semi-precious gemstone bracelets are often chosen for their healing properties.
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Crystal Pendulums
A pendulum works by tapping into your intuition and sixth sense.
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Crystal Pyramids
The power of pyramids is suggested to have the paranormal properties.
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About Us

Whether you are an amateur crystal collector, serious crystal hunter, holistic therapist or jewellery shopper, I am sure you will find something special to add to your personal collection. The collection is ever growing, and we always strive to please the customer.  

Here at KSC Crystals, we offer high quality crystals & minerals, crystal wands, crystal spheres, crystal carvings and crystal jewellery from the classics right up to the rare and hard to find pieces!  If there is a particular type of crystal, mineral or item that you cannot seem to find or you need help choosing crystals for their healing properties, I will be more than happy to help!

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